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I realized that churches are places we're strangers gather. Where people often come alone. I figured all I had to do is find someone sitting by themselves and try to sense if they were also lonely. So I started going to a bunch of religious gatherings in New York. Looking for my stranger. I went to quaker meetings on. Spiritual Reading Group on Mondays and daily Mass during the week. I didn't tell my parents I was doing this because they hate religion. and. For this exact reason, I found it very alluring. At, church sat down in a pew knocked my water bottle over. The church services were often boring, but it was the coffee hour afterward that I relished. A group of US would gather in the corner of a huge basement. It looked like someone had booked venue too big for the size of a party. We huddled around Coffee Cake Lipton Tea, and Stale bagels. I talked to an old man wearing a wig. Amid a nine year old who had written a poem. Dated at Twenty Nineteen Ad I interviewed businessman on Wall Street while the Earth is compared to Jupiter and a former non files shareholder resolutions there's a quaker even the beans were in color coordination. But none of them felt, right. The process was like dating. I didn't know exactly what I was looking for, but I knew I hadn't found it. Weeks went by. And then one day at a Catholic reading group. A middle aged woman company. I. Couldn't tell her age could have been anywhere between forty and sixty. I saw her bending down to play with the kids. Even, getting on the floor with them. It always admired people who could play with other people's kids. I went up to talk to her and she told me about making necklaces how the beads came alive to her. And then she told me that she's a school crossing guard. The people on the street who eight to see us, but we never really stopped to see them. I told her I was a radio producer that I wanted to interview her about her life. She seemed unsurprised. She immediately said yes. Maybe she too was ready for adventure. I rode my bike to her apartment in downtown. Brooklyn on a Saturday afternoon. It was a crisp bright fall day. I took the elevator up to the sixth floor of her apartment building and stood for a in the hallway. Test. I felt nervous. Awkward. I don't like rolling tape when I first arrive but I, did it anyway hello. You're waiting expectantly. Kuku clearing. Technique really. I thought you were just like dressed up and ready to go well that too but I don't have to cool. No, that's fine. That's totally. took off my shoes started looking around the living room and I'm just going to light a candle an I'm to pray. And I would invite you to say anything you want to okay. So, you're GonNa pray out loud YEP YEP awesome. Okay God. Sorry I forgot about you. And thank you for the tingles that I received in my body this morning. That was nice. And I just want to say thank you for sending Bianca to me. Thank you for helping me Tell the truth would you like to wish for anything or Yeah I'm grateful that Sophia is trusting me with her story and willing to be vulnerable with me and I hope that an exchange I can. be. A trustworthy. Keeper of her words. Turn trapped somewhere in this electronic file but have the potential to help someone else who might be lonely. And I hope one day they reach. that person in their time of need. This idea they got had sent me to speak to her I didn't really believe it. But on my way over I've been feeling some doubt about interviewing random lonely people. So this confidence from God was kind of Nice to hear. Fine I'm just gonNA listen to it. So feel lived in a one bedroom apartment it looked pretty clean but then she told me I spent about three hours cleaning up before you came over. Yeah total honesty. So refreshing, we were sitting on the couch in her living room and the interview had unofficially begun. One of the reasons I love podcasts and radio is because I can do it while I'm cleaning up because I realized that when you live alone having a voice makes you feel like you're with other people. And It helps me fall asleep and it helps me wake up in the morning. I don't like to listen first thing in the morning, but then when that first loneliness comes. Just, being able to listen to I mean I love audiobooks as well but I like radio pieces better. And like the moth and Deaths in money we were thirty minutes entire conversation, and when Sophia told me about listening to podcasts she had almost been crying and I wasn't sure why So I gently tried to circle back around I don I noticed it was like emotional to talk about. So I wanted to talk about why was emotional? Because I lived here with my husband and I was married for. Ten years, and then he asked me for a divorce three days before my baptism. So I'm him a lot. And In. Some ways. I. Feel like maybe I got married. To just have somebody. With me all the time. Do. Goes Chatter No. It seven am. Sophia has agreed to let me put a wireless microphone on her while she does her crossing guard duties. Crouched wearing headphones thirty feet away. She's five foot one, forty, eight years old standing on a street corner in. Brooklyn. Memo book in her pocket. Excellent Posture Do For her one of the joys of being a crossing guard is dressing for the weather. Today, blue cargo pants detachable hood in whistle along yellow raincoat. Say You. She sings in Latin to pass the early hours. And then the morning rush. Go whining. And whining good morning. Can you wait please wait for the light. Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Someone who's been to shot her. Watt I call her the purveyor of joy. She doesn't know that his friend is new or like this little girl where's your brother to wait for the light lot of Japanese parents good lining Ohio was. I. So feel loves languages. So for all her regulars that pass by, she's learned.

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