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SAFE SPACES, right? Yeah. Arrest to learn and I think. I. We both are still on our path of learning especially when it comes our own culture. I'm definitely on that like trying to learn my own culture and I think having the safe space to do that is allowing me to thrive. Yeah I love that. It's hard to thrive and learn and change when you're in a place where you're afraid or I mean even even. Physically, like if your if your life hasn't in a play, an literally safe place like how you GonNa Learn and change. True socially as well. That's great and I think I'm I'm really glad mel mentioned like her niece and her little sister because. As, indigenous people like sense since before European contact, we always think about future generations and that's how that's how we that's one of the collectivist mindset that we function off of is how are artisans now impacting future generations and so you know I always say like our ancestors stayed resilient rest to be here today. So I'm going to save enough for future generations to. Build. A to have more opportunity than I have and I'm very privileged I'm able to. Do it from home. I've haven't education and able to now being estate helping migrant translate these systems that we don't belong to. And so I think for me it's really just and we see it in the in the youngest generation right now like they are fearless like they like working with these youth like. Cal You have way workers I ever..

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