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But it's in the streets. He's a girl, Can you brother? My daddy told me Hey, I'm amazing Lego. Held in when I left down, coming feeling like Oh, and then had a dead and I had. No, no, no, no, no. My heart is battle need to be back, Please, Lana, no Heart is in Havana Heart is in Havana. Amy back how My heart is Eats a Maybank, please. Oh, my heart is about it once again if you missed it, Phillip in Riverside, one $37,000 yesterday. Guessing correctly on Valentine in the mornings. What's that noise? If you didn't get to hear what the noise was, go watch the video. One of 43 my f m dot com slash noise. Adapt on your window on your dog is night. The shape of you. Was jagged and weak. There was no where for me to stay. But I stayed anyway, if I wouldn't know how many pieces you had crumbled into. I might have to let them day. Are you really going to talk about timing towns like these little more damage? Then it's me Carry your baggage of my street. Maybe your future history. It's time to go away. Open the blinds when you see your face. Is he wouldn't be the first man a game. Need somebody insensitive for me Say it's your Together. So I can love you. Society stops you from giving me just not to adapt on your window on your darkest night. Shave you jacking week. There's nowhere for me to stay. But I stayed anyway. You fire off miss because you hate.

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