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You know, I listen to this podcast. They needed intern, let's roll and she was. I got twenty minutes. And so I grabbed like a six pack of whatever we had in the fridge. I think it was like Miller lite. I was looking for natty but couldn't find. So I had to drink the Milwaukee bullshit. But so I walk out, we walk outside and I actually had a bunch of more ideas for, but we kinda got cut for time and shit to do can't be out there all day. And yeah, exactly film in your ass. Joe Judy on a four Walker, let's go and I don't. I don't know if you can tell, but I look a little winded after the forty after shotgun. Yeah, you're on your hands on yet. What? What you can't see. That was like our third take in about five minutes because I messed up the first one by running too close to the camera. And the second one I think I just kind of looks like an idiot when I was running. So I decided to go with slow pretty ganglion. The third. Yeah, it was not a. I'm not particularly fast in the first place, so you know? So who had the power to cut? It did like she video it and she's like, no, you look stupid. We gotta redo like makes videos as like a like her job. Yeah, I did all that. I did all editing and put it in all the special effects myself, but she's like, does all the camera work and stuff. So yes, she looked at it and she's like, that's not gonna work. You're going to need another. Go mom. Must be nice to have that kind of support. Parents are back with us. Not picking up on the sarcasm that I'm laying down. Last question for you. You're going to stick with us for a year. Our turn. What advice would you give to the people applying to intern for next year or if we just have to replace you? Yeah. 'cause that might might actually there might be infected probably or cursed. I would just say, kind of be willing to do whatever you're asked have, obviously, pretty good knowledge of the NFL that probably be good since NFL podcasts, definitely no graphic design. You're gonna have to do a fair amount of. Instagram. Other than that, I would say be creative because I think what sort of helped me out was my video is probably a little different than a lot of the other ones. I haven't seen any of them tonight. Yeah, I would just say, you know, try and just try and be creative because my first thought was just, you know, shotgun a beer and then turn it in, but I figured everyone was going to do that. So kind of need to do some set you set yourself apart. There was a guy who chugged Bala Jack Daniels because he doesn't drink beer in. I didn't meaning for months three check on him and I just remembered we need to do on this check bureau cave. You're listening to this. We all know that that's terrible about replying to emails, but we dig into that one. Anything out in the mail or. Oh, which reminds me I did give away my game horn shirt from last week to get that puppy in the mail. But we had a listener been and I can't last name, aren't he commented at two forty, five AM I didn't even know about three. I don't know how he did it. So he said he wanted to gay more shirt. He did it on Twitter and Instagram, and if we would have had read it, you probably would have done it there too. So he is the winner of the game Warren shirt. I will hopefully be million that out.

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