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Shaking her head? No. Did you ever wonder why they have groomsman at a wedding they can serve a very andy purpose. The priests kind of motion to the groomsmen. These. Are Some big guys. They went over and got a hold of this guy and started to bring him back to the foyer. Well all this was going on at the front of the T. I'm in the foyer in the back and a taxi cab driver comes in and says, you see the gun blueskypest Barca. Picked him up at a bar downtown. He's told me to bring him out here. He jumped out he hasn't paid its fair. And I pointed down the aisle and I said, well I think he's coming back to your cab. So these groomsmen Hollis guy out the back door, the church. And they took him out in in somewhat unceremoniously tossed him in the back of that cab. Well, I followed him out there I'd never seen it. I'm young I'm probably eighteen years old or so at this point I'm thinking what kind of a career have I selected for myself here in yeah. The the cabdriver drove off and they stopped and he backed up in, he stuck his head out the window and said. Tell them I'm sorry. On an ad is an honest to goodness absolutely true story of of what can happen the bride of turned out the thing came out as we were going through the rest of the day an old boyfriend and she dumped him long ago and was totally enamored in in love with her husband and it was just embarrassing that this guy had had gotten drunk and. Drunk people do stupid things do I need to tell you that No, I don't. And this was just an example of somebody who. Got Drunk and did something stupid. But now you know they have big big ugly groomsmen at weddings they put them to good per. They, they hire him as groomsmen slash Pelzer Yep, that's their job. Well I appreciated Michael bringing that up. It's one of those stories in my life as a photographer that I've thought was kind of interesting. I could tell you stories till tomorrow afternoon about how much fun it is to be a professional photographer but I'm got time right now I gotta tell you about politics. This is one that's kind of upsetting to some of us who see ourselves as Republicans I'll get started with this, and then we'll have to a couple of other things here and then finish it up after we do those things for you. Okay Doug Freed Nash anybody ever heard of him. He is a columnist for the Denver Post. That isn't what he does for a living. The man is a lawyer. He works for the extremely prestigious law firm Brand Stan. Farber and Shrek. they are not only lawyers with a lot but a lot of lawyers Goodwin's working for him. They also lobby heavily if having been a professional lobbyist in my life. For about four years. And having lobbied for Lamoure County, and and for for city Collins as elected official, you do that a lot by the way. I can tell you that this law offer is considered one of the most influential and powerful law firms it all of Colorado. Maybe maybe even I know from a friend of mine who worked for him, they've in lobby nationally. So yeah. Okay. Here's here's the story from Doug, freed Nash in his column two years ago. I predicted a blue wave with sweet Colorado's midterm elections. Colorado voters I opined. Award Democrats with a political TRIFECTA control of the office of governor. And of statehouse in of the Senate, it turned out to be a SONANI as voters elected Democrat Democratic every statewide office. Jason Crowe also unseated five term Congressman Mike Kaufman. Then he goes on to admit, yes I'm a Democrat who gives to Democratic candidates, but my opinion was based on the available data and the political science of the moment. Then he takes that background and he takes that same acumen and understanding in the guys just smart and he has access to a lot of information to predict. This is rough. What's going to happen In the year twenty twenty. and. I haven't got time to tell you that right now. But you're going to be I. think interested to hear what Doug Freidan Ish has to say about the elections that we're about to have November more of that real soon right here on northern Colorado's voice thirteen..

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