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Diamonds dot com. Again that's moves. Diamonds dot com. Hey all we're rerunning episodes today. Enjoy the show. Hi again welcome to this day in history class. We're history waits for no one. The day was june twenty seventh nineteen twelve you at word. Ricardo braithwaite was born in georgetown british guiana. Now guyana to charles eduardo. And elizabeth martha braithwaite braithwaite weight is best remembered for his book to sir with love a memoir about teaching in the east end working class district of london. Raith wait was a teacher. A pilot a social worker and a diplomat and his writing addressed racism and discrimination. Both of his parents graduated from oxford university. His mother with a degree in history and his father with a degree in engineering. His father was a gold and diamond miner. Braithwaite grew up as a part of emerging black middle class in british guyana. He attended queens college. in guyana. a notable high school and in nineteen forty braithwaite began studying at the city. College of new york he worked at an oil refinery in aruba. Then it moves to britain but soon he joined the royal air force where he served as a pilot during world war two after the war ended. Braithwaite went on to attend the university of cambridge where he got his master's degree in physics in nineteen forty-nine braithwaite was planning on pursuing his career in engineering once he graduated but he had a lot of trouble finding work as employers. Were rejecting him because of his race he said in his autobiographical book reluctant neighbors making plans on the half realized dream of achievement as a physicist dreaming then the bitterness of seeing the dream whittled away bit by bit day by day into weeks in months until the only place on the whole arid horizon was a main de schoolhouse beside a bomb wrecked riding graveyard in a smelly classroom with a forty-six foul mouth youngsters white english youngsters after striking out on getting a job in engineering. He took a teaching position at a school in the east end of london. Britain was still recovering from the devastation. The war had caused and the east end was seriously affected by poverty. Crime overcrowding dangerous working conditions and force initation most of braithwaite students for white and he was the only black teacher on the faculty at saint george's progressive but the students were unruly and braithwaite faced many difficulties. They're still. He grew to love teaching at the school. His experiences at the school inspired him to write. The book to sir with love was published in nineteen fifty nine. The book is about ricky braithwaite. A guy needs teacher in london's end in the book. Ricky struggles to encourage the undisciplined. Working class students and kits fillings for a white teacher. To sir with love tackled issues of race and class in london and it was adapted into a movie starring sidney ta in nineteen sixty seven and nineteen fifty-eight braithwaite let teaching position and began working as a welfare consultant with the london. County council specializing in working with immigrant. Families from the caribbean his experience in this job led to his second book paid servant a report about welfare work in london which was first published in nineteen sixty two paid servant is about his experiences and finding foster homes for children color. Braithwaite wrote more books over the course of his life including a kind of homecoming which is a memoir about his journey to west africa. Choice of straws mystery novel and reluctant neighbor is a book about a black man. A white man who interact on a train ride braithwaite book honorary white. A visit to south africa talks about the relationships between blacks and whites in south africa. He voted after the ban on his books was lifted in the country and he visited south africa as a so called honorary white which granted him more privileged than black people there but beyond his writing rafe. Wait was also a diplomat. He was a human rights officer for the world. Veterans federation an education consultant to unesco in paris the first permanent representative of guyana to the united nations in new york. And diana's ambassador to venice walea. He also taught at new york university and was a writer in residence at florida state university and howard university after he turned one hundred years old in two thousand twelve and went. Back to guy anna. He was given the casino crown. The country's highest honor he died in december of two thousand sixteen. I'm eve's jeffcoat in. Hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday. Get more notes from history on twitter. Instagram and facebook at td. I h z podcast. And if you have not yet listened to another show that a host called popular you can get it wherever you listen to this day in history class. Thanks again for listening. And we'll see you tomorrow. Our lives are full of decisions. Make play or skip all the market turn. Should i change jobs. What's the best school ken. My diet out the climate and what's a flexible burien at the wall street journal. We know how important decisions are. It's why we mind every source every document. 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