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And if he slaps dean ambrose on wanting ambrose to knock him out because the neighbors is today you know i don't want the new day to be excited to see any of these legends i want a new day to be like look we're doing what you did only ten times better were growing from this the message that is being delivered in this new a wwe video game is right is right on but i'd love to see it i'd love to see it on television you know i'd love to see it on tv samoa joe verses roman reigns should be treated like a bigger match than any of these matches that have happened before kevin owens verses sammy's aim should be looked at as if feud on the level of triple hiv sean michaels at least in their eyes you know and navy it's because we've reached a point in wwe where look when you create things right when you create things that you're proud of you're never gonna let them go stonecold steve austin and the rock and shaw michaels and the undertaker and that generation of characters was created to save the wwe that generation of characters they were created because wwe was failing in the ratings to wc w and was losing money and those characters were created and they save the wwe so maybe there's this thing where the creator doesn't like the new creations as much as the old ones because he's attached to them because they're how much those creations did for him may be the fact that guys like aj thousand cavanaugh owns in sammy's ain an end seth rollins in those guys maybe they made such an impact outside of wwe that they don't want them making a bigger impact inside i don't know what it is.

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