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You're it's it's a great point and it actually <hes> leads very nicely into what he's saying does like as an example of what you're saying right like <hes> so I know I've used this example before but it's too perfect to not use more but so James Clapper will the they'll ask him is the N._S._A.. Involved in any you know mass bulk data collection of American of unwitting American citizens and they'll say no we don't do that. I mean that's what they were doing and he lied about what is in the legal spying apparatus the biggest spying apparatus ever created by man a really consequential important lie not miss remembering or getting something wrong. He didn't know the N._S._A.. was doing that of course he knew he was the director of intelligence he knew exactly what was going on <hes> but he lied but like you said he plays for the right team. Cohen on the other hand could be like oh we we called off the deal in Moscow in January and it turns out it was July and they go completely legal business deal. You got the wrong month which both started with Jay like could have been an honest mistake but whatever you're busted your fucking lying to the F._B._i.. Or whatever you know like you'll you'll get charged is about what team you're playing for because you were playing for team trump and that gets right into the point of what Jim Jordan was getting at here so let's play that video and watch the shark at work ninety three volume on Nipson denied Nipson also falsely stated in addition nips. It omitted three times. He lied to the F._B._I.. Yet you didn't charge him with the crime. Excuse me I'm sorry. Did you say one ninety three volume one one nine three. I'm I'm sorry. Did you say we're having lobster bisque. I ordered Split Pea hilarious where he's missing line skirt and you didn't charge him with the club. I'm sorry these questions complicate. I'm confused. I'm sorry I was told I could get a pair of dry socks before the hearing began yeah. It's just the contrast between the two of them is amazing all right. Let's let's keep playing times. You pointed out in the report. Why didn't you charge them with the crime I I can't get into <hes> internal deliberations with regard who would or would not be there already why why not why can't you see this is what fucking drives me crazy right so if you ask about something something so bar theoretically by the way don't hold your fucking breath? I hope I'm pleasantly surprised but bar is now investigating the origins of the Russia investigation right supposedly doing what we would want him to do but probably nothing. Nothing will come of that because he's a deep state tool himself so if you ask a question about the origins of the Russia investigation will I can't answer that because that's being investigated well. Your investigation is closed. It's not currently being investigated so let me ask you some questions about what happened in your investigation. I can't answer about deliberations behind the scene but you can't answer about how you feel about trump tweet but you can't answer about why you decided to charge one person why there was not an equal application of the law. You know what they need. This is what would change this whole thing TV production. You know maybe we'll take my notes. Maybe they they maybe they won't they never do but go ahead. Throw is good. I want the Supreme Court there right then and there when he said something like that you go all right pause yes or no does he have to answer it or not and then let's get a ruling. It doesn't really have to be the Supreme Court. Get your degree to WHO's going to be there so when they go hey I can't answer that you pause and go. Does he have to answer it. Yes he has to answer it. Because this game aim of all I can't answer who said he can't answer. We already know that you were lying when you said that like your judgment standard for the way prosecutions work you lied about that. You're lying about all sorts of you get into this. Why can't you say what the internal discussions discussions were about like who you were going to charge who you weren't because that's a very interesting detail?.

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