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Come on. It was going to be getting paid three million per season for three years. So I'm a huge money. Move for him. Good for him. That'll set him up for a long time. However, as you mentioned that doesn't solve most pressing problem. Kamara was not a designated player of which the gal she's still as this conversation have for one more than the league limit. So they have Giotto scientists genita- sent us lots on and Ramaala Singini Colm what I understand they basically have to opt right there. Either going to be buying out Giovanni Santa's or restructuring his contract in buying down with targeted allocation money. So that no longer counts as designated player from what I've been told. And this is a little bit up in the air. But from what I've been told. It sounds like that second option the restructure and the by down. Sounds like the more likely one. We'll see how exactly that's gonna shake out. It'll be you know, it'll be a new contract for devante. He was set to make six million dollars this year with his well wells or of the Tam limit of a million and a half per season. So it'll they'll probably have to tack on years to his contract and try and make them whole somehow from what I understand is. Well, what I've been told. This might not end up looking like any other tambioli seen before in the league. So that could be pretty interesting usual. I don't wanna say rules, usual conventions might not necessarily apply. So we'll see how that all shakes out. They have until tomorrow to get it all done. That's the compliance deadline have to have everything sorted by. Then so clock is ticking. Gonna be really really interesting to see how this always felt that is the biggest Rosser storyline going into matchday one. As sim said Friday is that roster deadline. Dana molest, set your MOS up. Breaking news. It'll get right to your phone. Or follow him on Twitter for stace bombs SM statium Sam I woke up this morning. Check Twitter, and I saw a bunch of MLS number ten news. What's going on? Yeah. So first of all Cincinnati. I've a scholarship that Kenny Seif American international gonna join them for Belgian club Andrew lucked have been able to confirm that yet. But no reason not believe that that would be a champion and one thing that I have been able to confirm that fire. Chicago fire are looking sign or working to sign Argentine midfielder Niko guy Guyton from Chinese club. Dahlie on you saying that's a pretty huge move. This was a guy who was sold to become a trip for north of thirty million dollars. Just a couple of years ago if things work out for him. There was China last January coming off pretty good season in the Super League. I believe you had two goals and nine assists in in about twenty twenty games. So this is a huge if if that deals completed and it's not done yet. But if that ios completed would be signing scratch Mary. Allocation money, the fire already had three D peas, wished Weinstein, nNcholas and Catan. None of those guys can be bought downtown. So if if guide town is signed, and there's no reason to believe that that won't end up happening here. It would be ten move and considering the money he hated China. That's a little bit of a head scratcher on the surface. But a couple of ways it could work out if it's a full transfer. You would probably be by him out of his contract to make him hole. So that pay-cut wouldn't be you know, too big of a deal for him. And if it's a loan from China to fire, I would imagine the Chinese club would be paying a significant portions he's wages so that he could stay under that million and a half threshold. So that he can be bought down with targeted allocation money. So big big move for the fires the guy that has about twenty caps for the national team has been with them in a while. But certainly talented player who has more than enough quality to see them less so much news right now opening day. Just. On the other side, Saturday, March second ball sensation for everything going on in MLS, including Nico..

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