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Including actresses, Felicity Huffman, and Laurie Lachlan are accused of paying bribes to college coaches and other insiders to get their kids into Yale Stanford, Georgetown and others Huffman appearing in a California courtroom, a judge saying she can be released on two hundred fifty thousand dollars bond. These stories connected to the scandal Stanford sailing coach pleading guilty in Boston federal court today. John van damore admitting to accepting bribes to help get students into school by pretending. They were athlete recruits university of southern California fires to workers indicted in the bribery scheme and no local colleges. Universities have been implicated in this matter polls closing. At this hour and Fall River mayor Jason Korea, the subject of today's recall election following his indictment by a grand jury. The mayor confident though, he'll be keeping his job. I don't think it's been a distraction. Right. I think that the the people you might have talked to are are people like the city council seems to be distracted people with political agendas. People political vendettas those the people that are distracted. I certainly haven't been distracted. It's been six months, and there's not been beat missed two parts to today's ballot. If Korea is recalled and voters have to decide what you five candidates will be mayor, including courier voting said to be steady all day more countries. Grounding, Boeing seven thirty-seven max, eight planes after Sunday's Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed all one hundred fifty seven on board. Here's ABC's Alec stone as a list of countries and regions banning the Boeing seven thirty-seven max eight from their skies grows now only American South west Air, Canada and westjet along with India's spice jet are still operating the plane after Sunday's crash the UAE. The European Union UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China Ethiopia and Indonesia have all ordered them not to enter their airspace. But still US carriers remain in support of the Boeing seven thirty-seven. Max eight meantime, senators Warren and Markey are calling for grounding, those planes and other crushing defeat for British Prime Minister, Theresa may parliament voting down her latest deal to leave the European Union. May now says parliament will get devote between on no deal Brexit and delaying the departure from the EU table the motion for debate tomorrow to test the house supports leaving the European Union without a deal on the twenty ninth of March. The EU says parliament's rejection has significantly increased the likelihood of a no deal. Brexit five alarm blaze in the Walston section of Quincy leaves more than two dozen homeless several buildings on Newport avenue,.

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