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Debut it's time for hoops what a folks need to know why excitement with not near basketball as always prosper jinya back at it for another season you know um golden boy debut duck tip off the season next prodi or heart prodi naitonal at seven thirty uh you know come out get your first look at the seventeen eighteen mountaineers we will raise the tweet sixteen banner from last season and as all ways the muchanticipated first word on this year's team from from coach bob hawke and so should be a good time audit while a good basketball and and a good chance for the fans to to see this year's or mountaineers free admission right free admission a courtesy of coca cola so we think our friend to echo colour for that and again now they've got a fortune 730 gateway openness six thirty parking is also free um so we encourage fan to come out and and and get an early look at that press virginia and uh much so we'll probably hopefully fingers crossed no what time the game will be the next day right baylor on monday hopefully we will hopefully find out the okla of state game time all on i'm sorry oklahoma state there there is the possibility arm for television exercise in one of their four um sixday window option so so it did not an impact off with the baylor game to miss next weekend but uh faulk did take come a sixday window switch one a four off the board there's three remaining weekend for this year uh were a big twelve a tv schedule can can be pushed back till six days election so comfy alive yacht monday you the time or that it's going to be a stick they went up on fillon's sixday unfurl other thing monday they're gonna go sixday because let's face it west virginia winds here oklahoma state i'm thinking sixty then when bill and wrangler that are at matt very good well i'm glad we saw law these worldly issues out here odds blue even gold a he will you you're not here when the balloons used to go up you don't wanna bring in european chant music and anything on the move as i was out glenn i actually asmat and get some information out of him before you let him go shirts we've got him online now that seasonticket sales you've put together one of.

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