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The Edens starts hit coming inbound thirty five minutes from lake cook. To the Kennedy junction, outbound still looking pretty good. The spur heavy in both directions. At the toll plaza. That's due to ongoing construction Kennedy out twenty-seven in Montross fifteen express and fifty two to the big airport coming inbound from O'Hare to downtown fifty five minutes thirty five off the junction the extension. Pretty heavy eastbound right as you leave O'Hare to the tristate up on the Eisenhower, fifty five minutes downtown to Mannheim. It's an hour ten to three ninety coming in fifty seven from three nine hundred and forty minutes from Mannheim Stevenson out at fifty two the tri-state our ten to three fifty five coming inbound fifty five minutes and three fifty five to late. Shore drive forty in from the tri-state fifty five southbound on the brakes and three fifty five the before fifty three the outbound Dan Ryan close to forty minutes from downtown the ninety fifth Twenty-two inbound eighteen on the outbound side of fifty seven just fifteen on the outbound Ford that means delay free coming inbound twenty eight minutes from eighty ninety four to the Dan Ryan lakeshore drive northbound slow from Britain Marta Hollywood. Southbound you're on the brakes from the oaktree curb Chicago and fifty third to Hayes drive the tollways. Chris holiday bells, seven eighty get busy southbound tristate to across the vents Advil bridge fast north avenue to the west eighty eight ramp Roosevelt of the seventy fifth of the eighty second. Three. Toll plaza Dixie highway to the Lincoln oasis northbound ninety ramp Saint Charles de Lawrence Deerfield before one seventy six ninety westbound matron Roselle eastbound on around the south fifty three in the tri-state of the Kennedy eighty eight west I eighty three to Myers past Highland. The south three fifty five and around fifty nine eastbound fifty three the three fifty five midwest road New York in the tri-state to the Ike. Fifty three fifty five south loaded up Kirchhoff. Higgins, three ninety lake Armijo Ogden maple road northbound around Finley Roosevelt, the north tonight. Dundee lake cook Crossharbour mills spothero mobile seven eighty eighty typical delays as far as westbound goes fifty seven to before Harlem eastbound from displaying.

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