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Will on route will explain all of that a little bit later on but the the big news story of the night there's just no way to get around it of course is the special us senate race that is now they're counting the votes none an alabama coming up at ten o'clock tonight uh we will be talking uh with a representative of the news media in birmingham alabama will have um we'll have some live on the ground a reports for you uh from the his name is wait smith he's the host of gadsden alabama 's morning news and that as you probably know has really been be the focal point gats in alabama is the hometown of judge roy moore the epi center if you will of this political volcano it is an election to fill the remaining two years of attorney general jeff sessions seat uh i have come follow this as closely as all of you and you follow this closely as me so we're gonna talk about the race when it like to do in the first hour is on perhaps get your predictions as to who you think will wind your comments on your reaction to it spin one of those races that we know a lot about roy more the republican candidate uh we don't know as much about doug jones it appears to me that even if jones were to win two died it would be a political anomaly in the sense that alabama is a very republican state at this point a very red state and as when scott brown uh one the remaining two years a little bit more than two years actually on ted kennedy's tuna nearly three years actually on ted kennedy's senate seat uh scott brown was destined to lose that seat in two thousand twelve and my suspicion is that if doug jones wins in alabama tonight it will be a twoyear term for doug jones and the republicans will probably recaptured in 2018 but but you have a very interesting race down there now we've heard from roy more and yesterday we heard for roy moi's wife now uh i don't know what the truth of the allegations against roy more are all of us have opinions but none of us can know the truth i do know that when questioned by sean hannity uh roy more i thought provided a very inadequate response to a couple of.

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