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Hello everybody this is richard rj s gal from missouri our you know there are a lot of myths out there about social security and they're out there for a reason to make you think it's a good idea to slash the benefits you've already earned here are the facts social security is not just for seniors if you get hurt today and can't work social security is there to help you it already helps almost nine million workers stay out of poverty it's providing a lifeboat for over four million children in fact almost a third of social security beneficiaries are receiving disability or survivor benefits learn more about social security and how you can help expand this vital program at social security works dot org this is w cpt's artists city we let you know what's happening the theater music visual arts and what you can do to get involved and support the arts and the chicago metro area coming up on friday april thirteenth from six to ten pm the yuri i can gallery at twenty one south halston presents like water through stone exploring race and the environment join yuri i can gallery as they welcome social movement students from the school of the art institute chicago an exhibit exploring race and the environment using their individual experiences with this subject students are showcasing a body of work demonstrating their collective passion for art as a catalyst for social political change in relation to the environment racism colonialism and class relations while the show focuses on student work it reflects an international perspective to the lives of students exhibit includes paintings front work sculpture as well as a film entitled the principles of disappearance also featuring spoken word performances and a live band for more information.

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