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And and i think that the the forty niners were in on dion lewis the new england running back and they didn't get him so they may have felt okay we're gonna we're gonna lose carlos hyde we didn't get dion lewis let's see let's see what we need to do to get jerick mckinnon deep draft for running backs but it's not necessarily a deep free agent pool for running backs and mckinnon that the number did surprise me for years thirty million dollars in the big question is is he legit as three down running back heel lead nfl back whereas he just an exceptional role player who has to play as part of a committee like you did minnesota and we're gonna find out the answer to that they're paying him an awful lot of money either you guys have the guarantee on it i don't know how the guaranteed didn't know how much of the thirty million is guaranteed man no i thought gary was reading off of espn i thought he had it i am reading off espn like i said it doesn't say though well it's either way it's probably a sizable man i would imagine it's ten million plus guaranteed but the question i would have is then you know this is is this an indication that because the one thing about this draft whether i mentioned the names before they got a pick at fifty nine in round two they got two picks around three seventy and seventy four and i'm looking at that board of running backs and yeah barclays going go high in in the first round and geiss is probably gonna go first round as well but royce freeman vo scarborough from alabama nick chubb from georgia rashad penny san diego stay kaelin bellagio asu jalen samuels nc state carry on johnson auburn there's there's a lot.

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