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Kabc news is live and local at one o'clock i'm jeff widow of former marine promote destot has been arrested by the fbi for allegedly planning an isis inspired terrorist attack on san francisco's pierre thirty nine on christmas day the bureau says everett aaron jameson told an undercover agent he was inspired by the terror attacks in new york city on halloween and in san bernardino in 2015 jameson was a marine corps sharp shooter and had a cache of weapons at his home when it was raided by fbi agents the united nations security council is unanimously approved tough new sanctions on north korea for launching a ballistic missile recently that pyongyang's says is capable of hitting anywhere in the continental us un ambassador nikki haley says north korea's demonstrated on pressing ended defiance even in the face of previous sanctions after north korea's september nuclear test this council capped refined petroleum exports into north korea today's resolution achieves an eighty nine percent total reduction of the cameras james ability to import gasoline diesel and other refined products the la county sheriff's department says four suspects that have been arrested and three others are being sought for a shooting at gem city grill of monrovia december second which killed of michael low of monrovia left two other men wounded sheriff's officials will release photos of the outstanding suspects at a news conference in about an hour from now lapd wants the public's help in finding by big rig driver who ran over and killed a woman and boyle heights around 10 last night sixty nine year old cynthia zoo soukala of valley was fatally struck by the eighteen wheeler and the thirty seven hundred block of union pacific avenue this morning the victim's daughter a lean kemper pleaded for the trucker to turn himself in and say here howard pay no way african to come clean please to give our family some peace police say zerkalo lived in a nearby motor home with her daughter and was looking for a loss cat which she run over by the semi which kept on going and flowers will be placed on sports caster dick emberg star the hollywood walk of fame and about a.

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