Alex Marlowe, Steven Jobs, Nineteen Shutdowns discussed on The Larry Elder Show


Are relieffactor. Dot studio man. Something published in the journal of psychoanalytical analysis says it whiteness is a condition a malignant parasitic light condition to which white people have a particular susceptibility. And it was published in respectable journal. We're talking about this gentleman later on and if you're just now joining us at the top of the show i mentioned that half of the pandemic's unemployment money you know the money that been doled out in the last year in order to get people over the covid nineteen shutdowns. Half of the money has been stolen. That's more than four hundred billion dollars in fraudulent claims. One expert estimates that at least seventy percent of the money ultimately left the country and much of an inning up in the hands of criminal syndicates. China nigeria russia and elsewhere by the way this published axial which is a left wing publication. Recall when i had. Alex marlowe on. He wrote the book about liberal bias. In the media he talked about how the wife of steven jobs was the major financier in axios. She's left wing. It said that when we have to use a source we have to talk about the bias of the people writing another for us to determine whether or not we think it's credible but that's how journalism has gone.

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