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And i'm trying to match it with a great enthusiastic answer but the truth is that i got an invitation. Gordon shark tank. I just got lucky call. Not that i was already working very hard in the field to build a reputation for myself as someone in the media space. But i got lucky. Call someone who called me and invited me. Would i be interested in going on the show. that's how i got on shark tank. I might also add that. I got rejected on shark tank right after i signed the contract. We'll say cold and so they changed their mind and the best thing. I did not lucky. But the best thing i did was stand for myself and give them a lot of reasons why they had made a mistake and asking them to invite me and the other woman they already chose or so they said out to compete for the one seat so that was the best decision i made and really got me on shark tank but i do get that lucky coal. Initially that being said. Why do i do it. I wish i could tell you. It's because i love helping people and that was on my mind. In the gecko. I discover that later why i did shark tank. Initially as it was fun. I felt like i could speak my mind. Be myself and people responded well to and they got something out of it only then did i realize the power of plane. The fairy godmother and making dreams come true and how much satisfaction i would get of having many different partners all the time changing all the time becoming part of my family and how satisfied that was. I wanna say one of the thing and that is i love me on shark tank every single day. All right i. There isn't a day on that. Set that i don't say thank you god for giving me this shot and because of that i've got so much satisfaction. Well well well. Beyond what a job could give give. You feels to me just like a gift gift every day but you keep that old enthusiasm olivia from the city of long island. I never heard that line could feel and you sound like you're still from long island by the way. Don't lose that accent. Hello this is barbara. Hi barbara since they keep from olive branch mississippi. I have been a work from home. Mom for twenty five years. I built a very successful direct sales business. That unfortunately closed after thirty five years in business i was with that company for twenty years earned a healthy six figure income. And now it's gone. I never thought that. I would invest so much of myself and my time into that business but fell in love with the people i worked with and that exposed me to. I'm now floundering. And the fact that i've not yet found anyone who acknowledges the skills and stamina and professionalism that building and sustaining in that industry required is somewhat disappointing I have great people skills a higher than normal q. and work ethic. And i'm just wondering if you have any advice or direction for what line of business i'm not consider pursue mix while it's kind of a complicated question because there's a lot of layers would vicky so let me take a stab at giving my my best dancer. Okay first of all get about the regret. I hear between the lines. What always time. You can't spend any time regretting it because what it really is. It's another version of feeling. Sorry for yourself. You don't have time for that. You don't need it you to talented. Don't waste another minute even thinking that you regret any of the energy you put anywhere because guess what you got forward. You became successful. And that's all you can hope to get is success from really putting the pedal of the metal and try and everything you can all right so don't regret it. Leave that behind. That's number one next thing. You have to leave behind looking for the acknowledgement from others. You know people. Don't you know it's like being in a long marriage in hoping a husband brings you roses. Every day doesn't work. that way. Lucky remembers the anniversary. Frankly so don't look for acknowledgement of how talented you were or what you accomplished from people that you want to employ now or from the people that you work with back. Then it's over. You did well any job. You're paid well again. Another version of feeling. Sorry for yourself just looking for acknowledgement again. But here's what i hear in The positive vein of everything. You said i agree with you. I don't doubt you for a minute that you were more talented than most people there. And that's phenomenal package. You could apply those particular talents because said not industry related their people and job related. That could apply to any. You could apply to any job you choose. So what are you interested in. Make a list of what floats he boat. What makes you happy. What kind of industry catches your eye here. There and then to start applying for a lot of jobs. They're all those old talents you have. Don't go away you'll bring them to the next job and push them at the job with reckless abandonment. Don't hold back and you'll have another big success. Remember how happy you were in that old job before it ended so you just looking for replacement and i would also say if you have people you love people who loved you and you had great exposure many people which you mentioned in your question i say why not grab a few those people maybe even one as a partner and go into the same field. Do it for yourself. Why not start the business for yourself if you enjoy being a member of a team you know what you're doing and you produced money for the next guy so why not go out and do it for yourself. I just say maybe consider that but those are to clear roads to your future success. Oh forget the past. Close the door on that move on. Let's take a short break to talk about a company. I love no doubt. 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