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She got it and then turned full drama Queen from what Zachary tells me now. I've never seen a nep Isoda. Not even one. No. Yeah, real time traffic right now with Kevin Dean. So you don't know what you're missing by Never watching it. Don't know. We know what we're missing. What we're missing. Uh, what is that? There is no drama on our freeways. Right now. It is an easy commute out. There will be brief from the helpful, said Diego 100 Divas Traffic center full speed around the county with no incidents of crash. Did you get any way a little bit of a slow down south on the 1? 25 writers us split off the 94 heading to the South Bay. There was earlier current was stalled out in the middle of the freeway here in Lemon Grove south on that 1 25 looks like it was just past the Troy and yeah, there's a brake lights there, so just a little bit of slowing left over. Looks like it might be blocking the right lane. This report sponsored by his you arrest carpets. 2% upholstery cleaners get three rooms of carpet clean for just $109 during the New Year's special on Now it's zero risk carpet service of upholstery cleaners visit zero san Diego dot com. Details in the book online today that zero San Diego dot com Coco's next real time traffic update Just 10 minutes away. All right. We could see some record highs within reach. Today is gusty Santa and his target inland mountain areas and then If you go to the beach Well, we have a beach hazard statement until Tuesday afternoon should be about 77 on the coast today. 85 inland right now. Mostly sunny 55 downtown Kogo news time is 8 42. What starts, you know, maybe with the Kardashians or two solely advances into the Real Housewives of Lemoine and then.

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