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The scene you know so it could be really anybody but on that particular day i it was kinda funny i got my camera out and tom glavin who i obviously played against is from my era i grabbed him and we were having a cocktail and then sandy colfax wasn't too far off it so i grabbed him and then there was next thing i knew it was up the left handed convention going on what was he colfax like is he's someone is you know who is generally been very private and keeps to himself and doesn't do a lot of media events for you what was it like to get to know him well obviously you know he is who he is one of the greatest left handed pitchers one of the greatest pitchers period of all time in i i have had the opportunity to meet you know some of the the greatest left handed pitchers that that have pitched whether it you know it was steve carlton or sandy colfax or warned spawn but to me sandy colfax obviously when people talk left handed pitchers that's the first name that comes up and i know he is pretty private and didn't really see him too often when i was playing baseball and so when he is that the hall of fame these last three years that i've gone now i've had the opportunity to always go up and shake his hand and and that's the same case with a lot of other people you know obviously being a pitcher i didn't talk to hitters tomb much but now that i'm retired you're sitting mostly i'd say i'd say the percentage is a little bit greater position players and pitchers there you know and more of the induct tease there the hall of famers are starting to become closer to my era that are that are showing up to the event now so i have a little bit more in common with with some of these hall of famers but it's always fun to you know the year that i got inducted you know tom seaver was there nolan ryan and oddest the nolan ryan was playing still before you know in my era i got the got the face him once and grabbing tom seaver for a pitcher he we both played at usc so we had something in common there so it's just you know these these names in these people right karnik in just still get goosebumps when i go to the the hall of fame and they have the induction at the hall of fame and now it's a lot of fun to watch what i went through and not nearly as nervous and becoming more acquainted with everything that goes on and looking forward to going in a couple of weeks again ran a year ear known when you pay for the strikeouts in is you know the game has never seen more strikeouts than what we're seeing right now in the month of april and in the month to june for the first time in baseball history more strikeouts than hits you're also seeing a situations now where teams are almost uniformly taking starting pitchers out after two times through the order you seen a lot more relief pitchers when you see the trends in the game what do you think about them well and i and i am still around the game quite a bit i i do some work for the zona diamondbacks i worked for derrick hall and i actually just got back from from gene county of geneva are single a baseball team the king county cougars of the diamondbacks is just outside of chicago so i still watch baseball and and.

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