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Everybody welcome back to weekly dish. We are talking about food and everything else in the twin cities and one of the things that happened this week that we wanted to talk about was the announcement that Rick Nelson, who is the food critic and longtime writer at the Star Tribune. And who has been on our show? You know he's done the cookie stuff with us now, But the news dropped this week that he would be moving off the food beat. He's not retiring. He's moving on to architecture. Which is the thing that he has been passionate about these kind of the new Barbara Flynn and again if anyone remembers that, let's just let's just level set with the fact that his critiques of the Nicollet Mall construction Is so spot on. Yeah, He's brilliant, and it's just sort of like, and it's lovely to have somebody sort of in the urban landscape, making those points and Artie Rybak actually tweeted something about him saying the same thing saying, like I'm going to miss him on the food be, but let's be clear. This is an advocate for a city in a way that we don't have yet, like, we don't really have anybody doing this. And if you think about how much architecturally and just if you think about architecture, a space as well as buildings, if you think about how much the landscape is going to change in the next five years with the office, people can not coming back to offices, or are they coming back to office is how do we re use all the space? The city public plan is going to be Very interesting space, So I think he's going to have a great, you know, Run on that beat and I have a lot for sure Cover, but we hear on the food show are mostly concerned with the fact and, of course, me being the food editor for Minneapolis ST Paul Magazine. Um, and running the food section and the whole magazine. I don't do necessarily Critical reviews, which is what Rick was doing mostly before the pandemic it and I think his last review was in January of 2020. I don't think he's written a review for over a year. I think he told me it was Martina. Does that sound right? Maybe maybe the design I think it is right. It's been since you know. I mean, it's been a long time and let's be clear. Rick has been at the magazine at the newspaper for a long time, and he It's sort of, um, beholden to the structures of the of the newspaper. I keep calling the magazine because here let's be clear at the magazine and because I am in charge of my section. I have a lot of leeway. I have a lot of creativity and a lot of flow and voice that I get to employ. Um, that is part of magazine. But, you know, newspaper there's rules, and there's things that you have to kind of adhere to. And Rick was in a place where think about it. He only just I mean, I don't know. It was only like five years ago that he revealed his identity was just gonna say that Stephanie because I remember we talked all about it when he made the decision and other critics that other major newspapers around the country made the decision. Social Media didn't have to. Hide. And, you know Derris. Almost impossible. Yeah, anyway, because well, Ruth, um Michael, Rachel is Reichel Is it right, Rico? Okay. I never was notorious for her disguises at the Los Angeles Times, and also, um, The New York Times and then Dara still Dons a purple wig. A lot of times she doesn't wear it out. She doesn't wear it out. But she's um that's more of her signature at this point in public when she's doing events, but but she doesn't wear when she goes to eat. But so, but here's the thing is like so, Rick kind of came out into the You know, firmament, and everyone said this like, Oh, there, you know, there he is, and then And then you know, there's definitely been changes. You know, there's been things you know, people added people, you know, kind of the way that we report. Food has changed because of influencers and because of blogs, everything all of that has changed over the years, right? But It's interesting to me to think about they still had the four star system. And the Star Tribune has always done like they, they say, you know, they go to a restaurant a couple times they do the review. And then they say, this is four stars or three stars. Do you and that Maybe this is the only one in town doing that. This may be an unfair question to ask you as a journalist, but if you can put on your eater hat for just one second Do you want starred Review system as an eater Well and so duration, of course, were, you know, texting about these kind of things, but you know during this all week, um and he's definitely he likes him Star system and he said As a reader. I like a star system. I'd like to know. You know what you think, and I My point is is I think people when there is a star system tend to look at the stars and not read the review. And I am all about context in the gray, You know that And it's like for me if I say This. Martina is three stars and then you go. Oh, it's a three star, and then maybe you don't read about how you know what makes it three stars Almost four stars or, you know, maybe it's actually like closer to 3.5 out of four. But like I can't do that, through the ambiance was four. Or maybe maybe it's because the seafood you know, and you don't care about seafood, but you love the bar and the bar spectacular. So for me, I think the context I think stars rob writers of their context. And I think that's one of the things that I think you've seen started across the country follow way because of that, And it is so weird, too, because how many lists are there like the top 10 places to get ice cream on the top five? This the top for that? So does that mean the star system anyway?.

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