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Or positivity rate you because all that leads to as sniffles that's what people will tell you well. Hospitalizations are up to around thirteen percent over the past week. Endesa up around thirty five percent over the past week in this country. That's not something. You can be dismissive off. And beyond that as we've talked about before like my wife is in her late thirties. She got the virus and she survived but at what cost she was knocked off her feet for five. Straight days. couldn't get out of bed. She said it was the worst she's ever felt. She still cannot taste or smell. As of this minute meantime. I was talking to a division one. Men's basketball head coach this morning. Whose son is fighting covid. Nineteen right now and his son is young. So that'll be fine. Probably but his son right now is in the bed. Very very the quote was very very sick. So the people who treat the survival rate live or die like this is a pass or fail situation. Just still do not get it and that's disappointing. This game was canceled because health. Officials in indiana were concerned that a gonzaga player or baylor player might die. It was canceled or postponed called off because nobody wants a basketball game. Especially a high profile basketball game to serve as a superspreader event in a time where this virus is raging throughout our country. So i touched on that and then sort of close with this. I advocated nearly four months ago for conference only schedules in a bubble and didn't write that. And i don't bring it up now as i told you so because i recognize creating conference only bubbles is much more complicated than typing conference only bubbles or saying conference only bubbles. I get it but once schools decided they're not gonna go that pack and they're going to try to bounce around the country and play outside of a bubble will. This was always how the season was going to unfold at this moment. I believe based on your reporting norlander around twenty one percent of the game scheduled so far have been canceled. Now that means seventy nine percent are still getting played and if you want to argue that's good enough then i'm not here to argue against you can see the point. We're eleven days into the season and it's been fun so far but if you had any idea that it was going to be anything other than this you just weren't paying attention to college football. Frankly and the difficulties with trying to compete in a context sport in the middle of pandemic that is raging throughout the country. And then and then i hit file yet. There we go. So you're right. We're at about a twenty percent cancellation slash postponement rate. However you want a term that because a lot of these games that are not played on their expected day are trying to get shuffled and pushed back And this was the this is the cost by the way there are plenty of people. No shortage of people saying you shouldn't be playing college. Sports period and a pandemic But given that you need games and you need an tournament and you need bowl games too. Literally Keep keep these sports liquid and into have opportunities for people that are twelve years old. Fourteen years old sixteen years old right now to even be able to play college. Sports on scholarships to five seven years from. Now that's why they're getting played if you wanna really boil it down to it. Because i don't disagree on a certain level that playing these games in a pandemic It might not be advisable but this is being done for the mental health aspects of the student athletes. There's no doubt about it. Every every person i talked to in college athletics including players says that from physical and mental standpoint actually getting to compete go to practice playing. These games means hell of a lot there And it's being done because you need the money to be able to college athletics. We know it in the modern era. This is not 1937 anymore. So with all that being said when this all happened my first reaction was getting this game again. This season is going to be a tough needle to thread but mark few end scott drew both went on the cbs inside college basketball. Show at twelve. Thirty was always scheduled to preempt. The one o'clock tip and they were on for about five minutes and talk with bill raftery and they And they said no there they they wanna play this game. Still a few exact words were absolutely think we will. And then he added. We'll find a way to play it at some point. Scott drew reiterated that on his zoom media availabilities about an hour and a half. After those gentlemen appeared on america's most watched network an entire. There we go and talking to drew and asking him directly about this. There's a few things to keep in mind with all of this stuff one. I do think that if they can they're gonna play the game two hours ago. I thought twenty percent. Now i think if the virus doesn't literally prevent them from doing it again i'm at like ninety five percent that zag baylor will play again whether they're one wanted to when they do it we'll have to wait and see a couple of things to keep in mind. One baylor lost. Its chance to go and play in bubble ville Which by the way lost its final game. You mentioned about playing games. You know in a in a bubble and all that stuff. Nc state yukon was cancelled for today. It was the last game scheduled for bubble ville. Nc state had one player test positive. They're forcing forcing that game. Not to happen so again. Even as i wrote earlier this week. They've done the best they could and they're still. I think there's strong reason to believe that. The nc state positive came from behind arriving in connecticut. And that's how incubation periods work and that can always be very problematic But regardless this is going to be an ongoing challenge but in terms of bubble hillbilly didn't get to go so lost game against arizona state then It's rational to presume that they wanna play villanova so they lost a game against villanova and now they lost against gonzaga scott drew scheduled up in the event. He lost one or two of these games. He's now loss potentially three games against ranked opponents including two games against top five opponents. You can understand why he wants to get that in. So here's what he said if you're wondering when they could play that answer has not been given to us he said there are three or four different routes to getting there and getting there is still be determined before this gonzaga game got cancelled. Baylor was intending to send his players home for christmas. Now you can argue whether that's the right move or the wrong move into pandemic and y you know. The rates are absolutely atrocious in this country right now. They're going to be worst tomorrow. They're going to be worse a week from now and they're gonna be worse two weeks from now so if you're going to actually send players home i think regardless of the game getting cancelled perish. That's a conversation. They need to have plenty of coaches. Have told me if we send these guys home and and and then it's just a rolling three weeks of no games with us like there. That is a real terror. Among coaches and eighty s right now so drew said. They're going to have a conversation with their players. He highly respects the maturity and approach to life of all of his junior's and seniors and that's to be determined there. If they don't go home for christmas there is a window they both gonzaga and baylor have games on the twenty first in the twenty ninth of december. They have no games in between that really leaves like december twenty four th to december twenty seventh as the window. They could get it done Remains to be seen if that would even happen if it did where the game will take place. I asked drew directly. If it had to be on a neutral would they be open to home campuses. He said their preference both is absolutely still. Play the game on a neutral court. But he would not rule out playing either at gonzaga or in waco. If it came to that people need to understand that when you want to get one of these games on a neutral court and get a major television partner. It's not that it can't be done but a lot of stuff has to go into making that happen in terms of getting the tv people their trucks. They're getting everything uploaded. It is actually a real process. Oh i think they've got a chance but it's a matter of when they can do it. I also think there is a potential because drew said this that they will bump one of their non con games to make this happen and so if they're going to do that. Here's what we're looking at. If they decide to go this route on the twenty-first the fourth the four teams. That could be in the crosshairs. Here are all sub. Two fifty teams at palm right now. Gonzaga plays northwestern state on december. Twenty first home game. And then it plays dixie state which nudity one these this season. That's on december twenty. Nine baylor has games on those exact same days against arkansas. Pine bluff on december twenty one and then eight days later on the twenty night..

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