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Look kitchen window. It's Ramsey residents observe the upper the kitchen lights were on and dimmed low does mean an intruder was in the house would an intruder turn on the lights if they were. I doubt it it means someone from the Ramsey. Household was still awake. Nobody said they were more likely though so for a snack still wanna down for the day thinking about a cover up a murder a to another neighbor Melody Stan allegedly really here's a scream from within the ramseys home her husband and reportedly here's the sound of metal on concrete sometime after the scream years later melody would backtrack on that statement stating that she actually heard the noise two nights prior. If at all memory such a funny thing seems to be the most reliable right when you're closest to the event time Weiss closer into the incident. You're trying to call recall which just makes sense like if something happened you a few hours ago and you had to give a police report about an hour from now. Don't you think that your report is going to be more accurate accurate then if you had to describe what happened ten years from now that's a big problem with this investigation. People say one thing years later say another yeah we've learned about false memory syndrome multiple times sir on the on the suck memory very very tricky thing things we think can be so real can be completely made up our heads the morning of December twenty six the family gets up at five thirty. Am they were supposed to fly to Charlevoix Michigan for the little family vacation at the one of the other homes while Mr Ramsey shower Mrs Ramsay put back on the same outfit she had on on the night before reapplied or makeup. That's what she say. Find us a bit odd for lady who liked to show how together put together. She was but we're gonNA advocation so maybe she was in vacation. Mode and just didn't care does seem suspicious if you think she could have been one of the ones that did it or did it. I found a few reports said Patsy Ramsey also the second floor of her home to rinse out a pair of Jeans Jumpsuit Pajamas. She apparently soiled the night before then went downstairs to the kitchen to make coffee many have speculated that anger anger over Jon Benet continual bedding led to patches role in an accidental murder and then intentional cover up around five forty five. Am Mrs Ramsay heads downstairs reports finding finding a two and a half page note on a back staircase in the house. Patsy says she only initially read a bit of the notes regime kidnapped with safe and unharmed. The kidnappers wanted one hundred eighteen thousand dollars in cash more this crazy no in a bit upon reading part of that note patsy reportedly immediately screened proceeded to check Japanese Room. She found it to the empty ever hear Mrs Ramsay Scream. Mr Ramsey ran downstairs met Mrs Ramsay in the Stairwell together. They checked on their son who appear to be sleep his room Mr Ramsey then went downstairs to read the ransom note will Mrs Ramsay immediately called Police Patsy dials nine one one at five fifty two a m. She's understandably. Hysterical doesn't answer the operator's raiders questions very well. Here's the short transcript of this nine. One one call patsy Ramsey starts with police. What's going on Ma'am seven five five fifteen th st what's going on there? Ma'am we have a kidnapping hurry. Please explain to me what's going on. Okay there we have there's a note left our daughter's gone a note was left and your daughter's gone yes. How old is your daughter? She six six years old. She's blonde six years old. She just one Colorado Little Miss Christmas on December seventeenth. She got a medal for talent in the Colorado All star Christmas pageant just four days. Please help. We have a Michigan Pageant Day. You have to help me find. We have a hair bleach appointment tomorrow. Aw It's really hard to reschedule with Georgio please. We have rhythm worked over the choreographers meeting at noon to me. Sorry that's progress aggressive but I had to break it up. I knew going in that was tasteless but I felt compelled to continue a I'll show myself out myself out all all paths. He actually said it was six years old. She's blonde back back to the real transcript all right. How long ago was this? I just got the note my daughter's gone. Does it say who took Kerr. What does it say who took her? No I don't know there's there's a ransom note here. It's a ransom note it says sp victory please okay. What's your name? Are you patsy Ramsey. I'm the mother Oh my God please okay. I'm sending an officer over okay please. Do you know how long she's been gone. No I don't please. We just got up. She's not here. Oh my God. Please okay. Please send somebody I am honey. Please take a deep breath. Hurry Hurry Hurry Pazzi. Ah Pazzi Pazzi Pazzi patchy hangs up the phone which many forensic psychologist question when your situation like that when your daughter has just been take it. You don't know who's in the house you other members. Your family are still endanger. The phone is your lifeline to the outside world. Why would you hang it up? However to play devil's advocate everyone handles tragedy and stress differently? If you're panicking who knows what you're GonNa do also we actually had a couple of law enforcement friends about nine one one hangups and they said it happens all the time but check out this very very interesting twists on the hangup patchy puts down the phone because she thinks she's hung up the phone but it didn't hang up all the way the operator can still hear vaguely what's going on. No one is quite sure what happens after this because the tape is very fuzzy but it's been the subject of a lot of investigation by everyone from the FBI to the Secret Service the Boulder Police Department later send this tape to a company called the Aerospace Corporation which then analyzed it was super sophisticated sound enhancement equipment aerospace never releases its findings the Jon Benet case is still open technically in boulder so they still won't release it but the national enquirer supposedly got a hold of this audio footage and leaked it in two thousand and three and I know I I know it's a national enquirer just about the least reliable news alad in the world not quite as bad as the weekly world news entails a Batboy but not good however boulder's olders daily camera also reported on your hands audio right when the enquirer leaked it and reported quote. The general content of the transcript in the supermarket tabloid is accurate according to sources familiar with the investigation so I think it's definitely worth sharing this. Here's a transcript of what may have been said after patsy thought should hung up the phone on Patsy can then be heard Saint Helen. She's helped me Jesus then in the distance. There's another voice thought to be jonbenet's brother Burke. This is very important. This voice has pleased. What do I do and then John Ramsey? We think can be heard saying sharply to were not speaking to you and then Patty says helped me Jesus help me Jesus then she may have also said it's very tricky to properly a decipher this even for the audio experts but she may also said what did you do help me. Jesus seizes then more clearly burke can be heard saying what did you find. This doesn't prove anything about the actual murders but the Ramsey would later tell the police that burke was asleep leap the entire time if they're lying about that why furthermore although the operator couldn't tell what they were saying the time without enhanced audio she would later report port the tone dramatically changed when patsy thought the phone hung up Patsy was no longer hysterically babbling talking quietly while John spoke clearly and deliberately and Burke didn't seem scared or worried in a recent CBS documentary the case of Jon Benet Ramsey does operate says it sounded rehearsed and she wished initial lead investigators had heard her side of the story very interesting before we knew the time this case. Let's look further into this ransom note. It's very ought it may be the most important clue in this whole case for the sake of being thorough but I'm gonna read the whole thing Mr Ramsey listen carefully. We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction what small vaction no party believed for a second. That's true two sentences in and this feels Monica Nigerian e mail scam that does a real ransom note now just like some bullshit like we transfer can much money's into account. Please praise God. I have no time much of due to illness. Bank contact cannot take needed transferred. Could you help out of goodness hearts and give us bank info for us too much funds to you if you could wire just small amount of one thousand dollars. US To us to authorized transfer we feel trust to are you one million dollar knowing you are good person person of God the real note we do respect your business but not the country that it serves at this time. We have your daughter in our possession. She is safe and unharmed and if you want to see her now if you want her to see.

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