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Who's been waiting for this moment it finally happened Paul George and Kawhi Leonard on the court eighty nine in the same day and what a time for them to make their debut as a tandem against the team with eleven wins in the Celtics at staples center for the home crowd get really excited and it wasn't just those two guys which is one reason why people are so high on the clippers is because they do have incredible depth they've got Patrick Beverley whose side defensive stopper and and now and then well is watching those intense eyes will also hit a big shot he's a scrapper Williams who was one six men of the year in the NBA every single season that he has been in the league at least it feels like that he's won the six man of the year award it doesn't tie he's well he's a lightning rod up a huge spark off the bench when he comes off the bench until this is a really good gauge for the clippers really good gauge for the Celtics as well and also fantastic entertainment for those of us who are NBA fans it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS sports radio thanks so much for tuning in good to hear from you it's a really busy last twenty four hours so we not only had to a show to do that that time many of you listen to but last night our home show but tied addition we were real busy with our social media over these last few hours when we were apart when we were not together here on CBS sports radio I appreciate so many of you that checked out our latest you tube offering which was just a segment of the show but to a topic about which I am passionate using social media in ways that it was not intended it turned out I got a taste of that on Wednesday myself and a lot of you responding to my clip on you to and in addition a lot of you are writing back after you read my latest football column which I really appreciate and then we've had all kinds of conversation about the brawl and the fallout and you know exactly what I'm talking about the Steelers Browns how well how does it feel like ancient history I don't know it wasn't even a week ago and yet so much has happened in sports and fed in that job it does seem like it was a lot longer ago than that but we still haven't seen the final rulings from the appeals officers we know at least at this point that Larry good job you will still have to serve his one game suspension the Browns defensive linemen but he was kind of the last guy into the free gifts he came running it and shoved Mason Rudolph from behind and so he got the one game suspension maybe that was the easiest one for James thrash to rule on thrash who's a former NFL wide receiver himself he's actually one of the league's appeals officers he also heard miles Garrett he all on Wednesday and then marquees county within between he was on Tuesday and we're waiting to find out whether or not these appeals will reduce what are seven yet well indefinite suspension but six games for mild Garrett plus anything in the post season and then three games Margie spell the when I said seven I was thinking total Browns game suspended I don't believe that mild Garrett will services pension that carries over into twenty twenty I I can't imagine that it gets reduced to the point where he is back on the field again this year but I don't know that it will remain an indefinite suspension I could see the appeal defining the suspension as the final six games of the season you're out for the rest of the way and maybe he doesn't have to reapply to be instated reinstated here that applied to be reinstated so maybe that's how the appeal changes that I just can't imagine that he's back on the field before the end of this season but I could be wrong that's my opinion my sense of coming up at the top of next hour Jason lock in for a CBS NFL insider not only is he a regular guest here on the show we love them but in addition to that you see him every Sunday morning on the NFL today on CBS so he's that he's a guy who's always in but no one has a lot of sources that that he talks to on a regular basis so ask him his sense about V. appeals for miles Garrett and marquise Pouncey and where that might go store waiting on that news and we're getting set for week twelve in the NFL I can't believe that it's here I can't believe it's the weekend before thanksgiving I spent some time with some friends on Wednesday evening and we were all talking about our thanksgiving plans whoa whoa my house is decorated for thanksgiving I've been practicing my pumpkin baking but I just I don't think that my brain has quite caught up to the calendar so we'll do a little bit of everything on tonight show yet another huge moment for lugar Dodge it and as the Mavericks blast the war years by forty eight points four forty eight point it just blows my mind where the warriors are now compared to where they where they were safe five months ago gosh how quickly life come that you especially in sports we're inside the rocket mortgage by quicken loans studios home is more than the house of the personal paradise you can get yours at rocket mortgage push button get mortgage you can find me on Twitter a law radio and also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence thanks for all your questions press gave me anything by the way I did go back an answer as many as I possibly could on our social media it's good that that stock we can communicate back and forth right we gave it a civil interesting above board and not AT conversation like I said I had my own a bit of social media blackness on Wednesday I'll let you go check it out you can go look at it if you like to our phone number is eight five five two one two four two two seven but they five five two one two for CBS so it finally happened Paul George Kawhi Leonard in the same game at the same time it took a few weeks for this to happen it took the right scenario where there aren't back to backs until Kawhi Leonard can play it could be that way the rest of the season who knows but the timing right for Paul George and he's been fantastic then he came back so it's good to see him healthy again so if you weeks we had to wait like a big teeth but they finally come together in a game against the Celtics on national TV and why not I'm sure that was an orchestrated I'm sure it just happened organically so they sell seven point lead in the fourth quarter at staples center against the clippers but there was still a long way to go before this one would be done get out of the way well short rebounded no good and your number of the other way Williams wait wait wait all the little William.

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