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See i companies like shipu striking twi leo etc and then you have partner api's whether opened up to limited set of submariners in fact on a recent podcast we had righetti and they're actually trying to offer quantum computing through api is essentially then you have the third category which is the internal so team two team employs only within the organization is that only in big companies i would say you know todd usually start mona leading by building quickly vertically and then has that product market fee and they skill two dozen hundreds of engineer than the breakdown leading in the search trek a lot of internal mitrovic zippy api's and don't talk to each other internally it's funny you say that because when you talk about the vision of a company going from monolithic to break unimak wha services as sort of this of the company reminds me of happened at netflix which is where services really originated and in that sense the most i opening thing for me we did a podcast with adrian craft is that you think of each micro service with its own api as its own little mini business unit that a developer literally owns soup to nuts without having to worry about this big organizational tetris game of where you fit organizationally like you're gonna sensually modular is your business and do more interesting things specialize or whatever it is in different ways as a result of having what is like breaking down legals right and the for example company like stride there have obviously public is buddy in china altitude every every business every services kind of like he's later running their own micro services right on an enterprise level ninety nine point nine they're still monolithic so it's more ten years transition there will see and netflix state it will happen to cook a call out to mcdonald's so is there's a lot of value to.

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