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So unless were willing to say that but the dokan priest casually invented buddhism um they could possibly have made it up buddhism is unknown system are who had system all across india in asia blared are you convinced this try was visited by extraterrestrials who pointed out things like the serious star system i am kabbin that a non nonmaterial intelligence was able to find a way to act and i'm material frame and add a compelling motive to want to establish a framework a framework for civilization for us that would preserve the memory of uh the existence of the nam material and might they've gone to more than uh groups other than the dual groans yes actually uh what the dolan him say happen i'm the buddhist do also say happened was they established um basically locale worried structure happen on they brought groups to them abroad groups eight members of the time this is the kurdish new see all over the world of eight ancestors who or qualify mythical who bring civilising skills well according to the dog another buddhist those skills were deliberately obstructed the in a particular place and then does uh students who had learned it went out and transmitted it to their own correct back in 1950 emmanuel zelikowsky wrote a book called worlds and collision back in 2012 lured scranton roads the villa cough ski heresies we'll talk about that too when we come back the daily show updates right tearing box for free with the coast zone newsletter sign up today it coast to coast am dot com.

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