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Mood from negative to positive commodities Hippie bull then a half my rider blog days or let procrastinate. These be aware of these days because it can quickly becoming habit. I also do a lot of self train. So tell me by Chauhan's I can't see you out there but who loves to be self train. Nowadays we have so many online classes. When I catch myself on this mood I take my Furry Baby Leo on a walk meditate or tuning to my favorite inspiring podcasts. I'm a huge fan of Tim. Ferriss Jeddah catcher. Tony Robbins and Oprah so I got a lot of ideas and self training while listening to their podcast. I am the happiest when I'm networking building relationships and connecting with others. How about you when are you? You're happy state. So let's do some soul-searching before we create your strategy to leave corporate violet. I did this exercise back in my college day when I was taking acting. Classes with my. Bff firm minute. I want you to list all the things that you love in. Say it out loud. Then take all those attributes and define y you love them. I'm going to share with you. Mind to give you an idea how this all searching and so you can create your own life purpose also known as your mission so he goes. I love learning. I love culture. I love people. I Love Art. I love history. I love to be updated with the latest strength styles and technology. I love meeting quality people. I love spending time with him. I love learning from them and here comes my wise. This is why you will always see me. Caught up in something new and why I wanted to connect with you in. Why wanted to connect with those species that have inspired me and keeps me smiling? I like to be challenged mentally and I and I like to have interesting conversations. You see I don't believe in coincidence. I will leave. It was meant to be. I truly believe I was meant to be a NAPA violate show host to bring you closer to discover your unique blend of talent Wolpe. This is my destiny and the legacy that I want to leave behind. I believe that everything happens for a reason like Tony Robbins. Says everything happens for me not to me and this is why I am so excited to share with you my journey so you too can meet incredible people that uplift you. That was my list. That was my why it took me a while. By the way when you've done that exercise many times you will eventually finds out your wise and life purpose. I've done this exercise. Many many many times and kept perfecting it. I even did this exercise with my hobby when we're deciding whether to buy his into daunting practice or for him to continue being an associate. I know it works. So grab your st or hobby or your pop and do it in the mirror by once you have your mission then is about living your passion. I.

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