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But Walter the document a one night appearance to accompany Mary and Joseph in old city. Andrew, Kramer, KYW NewsRadio. Santa was nowhere to be found on Wall Street on Christmas Eve, the Dow dives more than six hundred and fifty points. Yes. Five hundred enter to bear market territory described by analysts as down twenty percent from its recent highs. They YWCA Steve tower reports Santa Claus rallies have been a fixture. On Wall Street says Bob manning of Morgan Stanley wealth management in Philadelphia. He says traditionally portfolio managers take care of tax loss selling early in the month only to window dress and make their portfolios. Look good for the new year. And they want to get a little bit of a jump on that and typically that results in some buying Christmas Eve usually brings good tidings. It didn't happen this time around. It was the worst Christmas Eve in the history of Wall Street, the s&p five hundred index fell two point seven percent Monday marking the first Christmas Eve that the broad market benchmark has booked a loss of one percent or greater ever put in the oldest major market index declines into historical context. Both the Dow. SNP are down more than fourteen percent this month on track for their worst. December performances since the great depression in nineteen thirty-one, Steve Taiwa, KYW NewsRadio. New Jersey health department officials awarded a half dozen new permits to companies to grow and dispense medical marijuana in the state bringing the total number to twelve in the new year. Two of the new entities will be in south jersey as we hear from KYW's, David Madden. One little operate completely in Vineland while the other will grow in manufacture the product in Galloway township while dispensing it in Atlantic City. The other four permits were issued for the northern in central parts of the state, Jeff Brown and assistant health Commissioner coordinating the medical marijuana program says they're not done at a dozen changes will allow for future applicants specialize on one part of the supply chain businesses that excel in one area that also makes it easier for smaller operators to get into the business if they just want to open a dispensary or something like that meetings or playing next month with the success. Applicants get them up and running as soon as possible David Madden. KYW NewsRadio Christmas has dawned in the holy land. Midnight. Mass was celebrated at the church of the Nativity as pilgrims from around the world visited the grotto where tradition says Jesus was born among them these Americans. It's spiritual you.

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