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21 runner handicap gets knotted on the line by pouring roach who had his first ever runner in the UK and wins at the children festival. The XA no Brian train, Brazil wins for Mark Walsh. Great ride from Mark. Great ride from Paul as well, considering it was such a rough race, but Brazil was badly inconvenienced on more than one occasion and still managed to win. Yeah, I think if Paul had this time, again, he would have preferred to get a lead on the harsh. You know, if it got a lead in the world, it's the simplest that jumped out badly out his right as well. And he's definitely a harsh for the future. Again, another astonishing training feed by Willy for bringing a horse that's never ran in England or Ireland. And to be so competitive in a big race that has the chocolate festival. And then a great training free feed by pouring roach to win at this home for when that is. And the only one ahead or a neck helicopter, it would have said the 14 pound custom, you know. So it was a good result. Great result for JP. Good result for Paige Ross, but obviously the Harrison second was the one to take out of it. He's obviously a very, very good horse. And I could see him winning a bunch of stuff, you know? I think it'd be that's where it goes, wouldn't it be? Probably. You'd imagine it's going to be great one company as well, because he just looks that good. He does hats after Katie young and to the final for long podcast army who took the 50s and indeed the 66s that were available with kaluki about commander of fleet. There was an article in the chat room festival benning guide by just Alfred about how the saint ledger winners should be followed fame and glory and the likes stairs from cool more and she was making a very strong case for fame and glories. Despite that and despite Katie saying, if commander of fleet gets out on the right side of the bed in the morning, he'll have a huge chance. Did I back him? Did I fiddlers? Nauseous. But I did love the video she put up on Twitter saying a day I will never forget and rightly so it was attritional conditions saint deletion is pulled up. The boss's Oscar who had a great childhood record ends up being pulled up, but commander of fleet did get out in the right side of the bed and just manages to get up to beat faster slower. It was an epic finish. Yeah, it was just one of them races. The ground had gone attritional, there was a great I can remember them all coming down the hill to the second last and they couldn't take the colors or the only colors you could see power were commander fleets. It was absolutely a traditional wooden seal to any of the other horses of I knew it was going to be that heavy. I wouldn't have put up the bosses Oscar early the rest of the day. The commander of fleet beat me during the year at novel in the great B on the same sort of ground and he is a former grade one winner at the double race festival. I think he was second in the valley more. He was a very good young horse and had dropped the way down in the way. And it was a good winner for Shane Fitzgerald and it was a great race to watch. It was a great way to watch the good result from famine glory as well. Fantastic. Famous glory was one of my favorite racehorses. Worth that last one. Global citizen for Ben polling and killing Woods gets the better of Andy dufresne, who had a welter burden of 11 stone 11, and surely has a chance of getting at least a grade two over two miles because that ground was way too heavy and how he managed to finish second. Off 11 stone 11, when global citizen is carrying ten stone 6, that was some effort from any different. Yeah, fantastic efforts. Obviously a horse that needs to be very fresh. His record of back to back world isn't good, but his record when he's very fresh has long distances between wands is very good. It was a great performance considering all the ways he had. And it was, I think it was a good winner for bed and calling. I mean, you know, I think the horse was forked in the previous year. And I think he compared them either he can pay them on purpose or by accident, but it was a case of, you know, he dropped, dropped to a very winnable Mark. For us, they've been placed in a great ball in the previous year. Obviously the English industry helped out the English last this year as well. The handicaps. And I think on the very.

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