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The human genome through open products like jira trillo and stride at last in his committed unleashing team potential it's morning edition from npr news i'm steve inskeep and i'm rachel martin this morning we are following the aftermath of the school shooting that left seventeen people dead in south florida we will have much more on that elsewhere in the program but for now we turn our attention to national security and politics midterm elections are happening this fall and according to our nation's top intelligence leaders that election will be vulnerable to russian interference just like the presidential election in 2016 here's director of national intelligence dan coats there should be no doubt that russia perceive that its past efforts as successful in views the two thousand eighteen u s midterm elections as a potential target for russian influence operations that was the director of national intelligence speaking to a senate committee on worldwide threats this we nick our next guest was the director of national intelligence during the 2016 election he served under the obama administration general james clapper joins us in our studios here in washington general thanks so much for being with us when you hear them director coats as well as the other leaders of the intelligence community outlined the threats to our election by the russians and say as they did that there is not a whole lot of government efforts underway right now to stop future interference what goes through your mind world course conju worked we lived through oh those of us who were in the government the when the russians were doing what they were doing in the runup to the 2016 election and uh i was very gratified in fact proud of uh the uniformity among that panel and particularly uh dni dan coats uh for saying what he said because you think he has not been as forthright as he should have no no not on the contrary at just the reinforce what uh what those of us renner in those similar positions in the last administration were saying of the russians were uh very successful in other immediate first objective which routes is so discord a discontented doubt about our system and they succeeded to a further well and we said then that they were going to continue to do it do that which they will do in a 2018 elections so i was very gratified that at an open hearing like this with all six.

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