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Good so that there's some some steps. You got to take your sure you're following the protocols that you were told to follow, and you're doing what you're supposed to do according to the mandates and all that stuff, and I can appreciate that. The reason why I ask that Mr Logan and listen, let's be honest about this. These games would be sold out. We know that right? You'd be making a lot more money. This sucks for everybody. I'm with you. You know, It's very frustrating with that being said, and I'm not asking you to talk about us. You're Dana White. But we've been talking about this issue today about how he had some fights last weekend in Florida, where 15,000 people indoors, not outdoors. 15,000 people were allowed indoors. They had to sign a waiver and they weren't required to wear a mask of social distance. I mean, do you have any opinion on that at all? Why they obviously Dana has set a standard and has created something in the UFC. That is unprecedented. It certainly in my Career, so I would never question his approach to things and and I think part of what One of the things that I believe, is it You know, At some point, people are gonna have to be responsible for themselves heated. They should be right now. So if those 15,000 people want to go to an indoor venue and You're willing to sign a waiver. Let him you know that Z kind of Ah, That's something that you know, it's people have to be responsible for themselves in our world today. I don't think enough people are quite frankly concerned that that said, Um yeah, and that's just It's not our job to baby sit people at the same time. That's why you've got have parameters. That's why we have parameters here. Obviously, being outdoors makes it a little bit different, right? You know what? I think it makes it a lot different, Quite frankly. But you know, we chose the more you know, I take a more Conservative approach may have certainly not that aggressive understanding that you know, we'd like to get back to full capacity, so it's possible But you mentioned something early on in the question about the money. You know, that's That's one of the things that we're not going to do. We're not going to put the money ahead of safety. We're not going to put the money at the forefront of what, how we make decisions and what we do because that You start doing that You're gonna you're bound to fail. And I appreciate that, and I'm done. I appreciate you saying that my only concern is on again. I know you don't want to say anything or criticized any what? I totally respect that. I'm just I'm just worried that that was his motivation Because he's having the fights in Florida. He wouldn't have been able to do that in Las Vegas have 15,000 people indoors. But point well taken, sir. Let's talk a little bit about some fun stuff, which is actually the game tonight because we've been talking ad nauseum about Corona virus and mask mandates. This is this is awesome. Don. First of all, I love your ballpark. I've been saying that consistently. It's the best ballpark in minor league baseball. It has a major league feel to it work you're gonna have. Even though it's only 5000 fans. They're gonna have the opportunity to see some live professional baseball tonight. The weather couldn't even be more perfect. Then it will be tonight. Just talk to me about just how excited you are, and the organization is about finally getting a baseball game live action at Las Vegas Ballpark. What I've said to a few people this week. You don't know what you've got until it's gone. So not having it season last year relief we have illuminates how How much fun this is and we and what it means certainly do our staff to the players. Everybody involved that just to get the play to get to come out and and most importantly for the fans, because you said that this place is very special. I got a really good feel to it. It's got You know, we took great pains and went to great expense. Frankly, to make this what I think is certainly is the best ballpark in minor league baseball. It's one of the best ballparks and baseball period. And, uh, you know that That is part of what makes me so excited about getting ready to go again tonight. And, you know, I still have a just a little bit of trepidation because Cove it is like a sniper so, but we've made it This far. The guys have all been tested. Everything's rolling along. So we're in good shape. Are you requiring vaccines for all the players as well? You know, that's the the A's that the players a race employees, they're strongly recommending it, but in terms of requiring it know that, but most of them are vaccinated. And so one question just just about the upcoming team who are a couple a couple of guys that that should be that our listeners should watch that that have a chance of being called to the bigs this year. Uh, now just went. Hey, Just wonder, Miss Garcia get hurt, so That was one probably our top everyday prospect, the catcher. He's in the big leagues right now, but he reads the center fielder. He is athletically. You'll seize 64. He looks like he should be playing wide receiver for the Raiders. I mean, they could use it you can. He's got uses with talented these Young's Learning how to play. You know he's going to be fun for people to watch the guys up the middle of the infield. Cosme ideas are Pete's been big leader for a long time with a lot of different folks. You could watch them taken ground balls and just working out the last few days. You know the way those guys move around. It is special. I'm gonna be excited. Tol watch those guys tonight in action. If you're just joining us, we're speaking with the president and chief operating officer of the Aviators home opener tonight against Sacramento. That game time is around seven. P.m.. Don Logan joining us So don you. You talked about your only allowing 5000 people in. I would imagine the air the game's sold out for those 5000 for the for the coming days or there's still tickets available for tomorrow's game. Saturday's game in Sunday's.

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