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Sweets value proposition was that could offer up all the services that a company might need a limiting the necessity of investing in those different products for various functions so again they were saying here's a holistic integrated approach that you can use that will make everything much more streamline that was what they were trying to sell to customers and that you could easily share stuff across departments you could increase the interdepartmental communication within your business so that you wouldn't have someone in one department saying well where the numbers of sales so that we can plan our our strategies like if it's marketing and sales all of this would be integrated so that if you were using the net sweet tools you could call up the reports you needed and make your decisions there you didn't have to worry about waiting on somebody else to send you the information you needed at least that was the again sales pitch as the suite of features grew so did the feet to access them which led some other analysts to echo what seen it had said in two thousand and one and namely that the company was pricing themselves out of their target customer base of those small to mid sized companies by the mid two thousands cloud computing was starting to come into its own in the business world net sweet continued to grow though not as quickly as its rival salesforce dot com the company eventually began to add more services and features they fall into some really big categories so i'm going to talk about those categories now i'm going to give a little more detail about some stuff already mentioned so first let's start with customer relationship management because that was the one evan goldberg had in mind originally when he pitched his idea to larry ellison back in nineteen ninety eight there was the idea that salesforce dot com went with in one thousand nine hundred nine and we frequently initialized this category to see our 'em it's all about how a company interacts with its customers so the name is pretty self explanatory customer relationship management.

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