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But this phone number may have been precise for a reason. It was almost the exact same amount of money. John Ramsey had received as a Christmas bonus earlier in the month, which could mean one of two things either the kidnappers new John had received this amount of money as a bonus and that he would have it or John wrote the note himself trying to make it appear that someone who knew his bonus amount was the kidnapper the note all she used very strange language. The long rants have no claim to be from a very small foreign faction. What exactly is a small Ford faction, right? Nobody is quite sure. It also keeps saying that the kidnappers would be head. Jon Benet, if the money wasn't given to them in a brown paper bag after what they described would be an exhausting delivery for John it ended with a strange dog. Turn off of Victory. It is an all-around weird note because of its strange language and we're demands some people think the note was fake. But the weirdest thing about the note is on the next page. It came from inside the house. The police were able to determine that the note was written on paper that came from the ramseys house itself, which means If there really was a kidnapper they would have found that at the idea to break into the house kidnap Jon Benet and hand write a three-page long Ransom note all while the family slept. It seems a little risky to come to a kidnapping without a note prepared by with the kidnapper take the time to write three entire pages and risk getting caught the weirdest part of the kidnapping was that there was no kidnapping. Jon Benet was discovered in the basement after several hours. Apparently the police hadn't searched the house thoroughly enough to discover her body until hours after they recalled in the basement were job was found. There was a broken window and a footprint on a Suitcase underneath that window. It's possible if there was an intruder this is how they got in. However, there were no footprints in the foot of snow outside the ramseys house and there was a spider web across the window that was undisturbed..

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