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Got really unlucky the beginning of season definitely steve parrish would hold his hand up and say we made the wrong managerial choice should have been good for you not the wrong not the wrong manager chose the everton wrote the wrong managerial choice because so palace but they corrected roy what an amazing thing for this man i mean how must he be feeling vindicated he his last spell in english press was all about his humiliation after basically resigning in the wake of england's failure in euro sixteen against iceland he was really sort of taken through the ringer by the british press basically called a dollared dulce are managed didn't know what he was doing all clueless is mike mike this just by raj who's always rather light roy hodgson that same time i think we that he is love all of that sort of an amazing man and i think she's vindicated and i think what's proven this season is just how much about football actually how hard years how tuffy is and how much he cares about this football club and that's the palace fans love him now the palace fans love him and long may stay farewell stoke the team wants feared in their pump for their murderous bob barrick defending and you only have to look at the the winning goal for pellets in this one where we're still just kind of trotted let loose the lolly gagging police corps they are shadow stoke of what they want were my wife not to somebody about stoke because they showed their fan sad faces at the final whistle every stoke supporter looks like some kind of distant relative of peter crouch steve centeno after the game i sent him a congratulations centeno actually just saying how bad he fell for stoke.

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