Google, Senator Bill Cassidy, President Donald Trump discussed on 21st Century Radio


Hall dot com. I'm Jason Walker. Baseball purists may be scratching their heads over this, but we could see key changes in the national pastime because of the pandemic. Major League Baseball now proposing a one month delay in the start of the season, including the spring training And under a plan presented to the players union. The regular season would be cut from 162 games back to 154, where it was for many, many decades. Former President Donald Trump parting ways with his lead impeachment attorneys one week before his trial that change, injecting uncertainty into the makeup and strategy of his defense team. Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy. The evidence is, as I understand going to focus on whether or not the president contributed to an atmosphere to have people charged the capital break in threatening if you will, both members of Congress and vice president Pence That's the charge, so I would hope that whatever defenses put up, refute, said charge. Cassidy was appearing on Fox News Sunday. Also a talent hold calm. Australia says the lack of competition for Google and lack of transparency and the digital advertising supply chain. Needs to be a dress because it's good having quite an impact on publishers, advertisers and consumers. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission released an intern report on its inquiry into the Google dominated digital advertising services industry in Australia. It notes Google not only powers the digital display technology, it also controls much of the advertising space. The commission chairs that there was often a real lack of choice and transparency in the industry. And Google often was acting on behalf of both publishers and advertisers for the same ad sale while selling its own ad inventory. Jeremy House reporting and more on these stories that town hall dot com. Meanwhile, relief factories so successful in lowering or eliminating pain, I'm often asked that question beaten Chef Talbot, the father and son, founders of really Factor tell me they.

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