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So lydia you have an important question or tell us what's going on because i've actually i know what you're going through because i've experienced it i think a lot of people have experienced this so why don't you talk to us and tell us what's going on and so my husband i married for a year and a half but we together about five years and kind of before we got married and everything we always kinda spoke about having children so even before we got married or like our friends and family kind of started asking us like oh you know when he gonna have kids and all that kind of thing and my husband is touchy one annoying twenty so i would use to be like oh my turkey or whatever and like one of my friends has kids and she's like same age of me she's like oh like that's so whatever about like is like whatever like you know fine but but for me i don't really feel like that owes at the minute like my husband and i moved to america nine months ago from arlon and we've been having so much fun over here and like we just been traveling a lot and doing a lot of things in general and my husband as a lot of boston sports and so i think right now for both of us it's not really something that really interests as a minute but i guess in the future i think it will so the other thing that obviously you know i do love children i feel like whenever we do have children i want to be able to give them their best opportunity in life and the place offer them everything that i can relax that we can do to offer them so i think the other thing that for me which makes me low that concern sometimes as saying public places like if i observe the way some people interact with their children like if they speak to them in a way it kinda makes me sad like if i see people and there seems almost like a burden to them are there any kind of preoccupied kinda like on their phone kind of thing and my last thing is that like at the beginning this year is kind of sick for a while so childbirth would actually be a little bit more risque but at the same time we'd be open to adoption and all kind of thing so i guess my question is those our time in your life when you ever feel hundred percent ready to give your lifestyle and.

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