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Food in his software him. I was like eating this every day of site sad. I shouldn't say that should be grateful for the food. You have been honestly after it got like video too much me and i just told my mother you know when i went home for the first time i said i'm going to go back to this. Is he bad in also notice. The food is so you can't just not go back because the food is back. Everyone panicked because it's what journal news go back. And that's like a major scandal in family like mine which is traditional is operatives. You don't do these. Two years ago was unheard of anyone to lead the husband. Because they're back. Cook cannot believe that story so my mother was like you can learn how cook so actually. I think i knew how to cook. Hadn't done it. Because i learned very quickly and i don't have that smart is to hang on the all time before i got married so i'd seen the processes but the most important thing i knew there almost i knew the rhythm on food traditional food is cooked in a beat and rhythm and estan kitchen completely immersed. These roma's spices of things. On the stations. That people are having and no one giving measure this measure that no one mentioning anything. He's like you know. Do you think it's don doesn't look right now is to look at it. New is on looking right. Yes is is does remove the cumin is it just drive the nuttiness stig off the eat. All these conversations were in me when i started cooking. I remember everything. I'm you know. I'm onto cook really fast and i have to say very well and i could replicate all my family. Dishes are exactly the way that it was an. I didn't i didn't even struggle to it was quite a relief to me. My husband was completely like shocked with what's happened yet. He's never made chicken again. I told him with the rest of your life. I will be do people. Just don't to maybe of desperate situation of eating your husband's curry. That really started everything. I would love to give him any credit mice. I've i have succeeded despite him but yeah this it was the trigger. Yes i think that was not a big push. The thing is that if he had been a good cope and had fed me. Lobos and dollars me arpey studios be star right now. I would have been very wealthy. I think is a lawyer. Who w disposition but i would have been different bussing strange things for different reasons that you know this. Most by destiny to twists centers and jazz hardship in frustration and loneliness and sense of not belonging. I have got to a stage. Where not only do i feel. I belong to this country. I've been able to set up a restaurant and that sense of belonging to so many other women walk with me but also to people who just come into my restaurant. They all say that when many of them feel that they've come home in the country restaurant so the homecoming s being. You know not just mine. But everybody's are what one amazing gift to give to people so just out of interest. How long does between your you know your mom reminding your teaching to cook and then you starting to cook for other people one very long. Yeah one year why he was. When i looked back in the plurality no or everyone else you've feet descriptions of hell of bunning fire of Boiling factory it's cambridge in winter. Is cycling learning cycle with the wind. Cutting the cord on sudan you feel so frozen and is to look at the birds flying you know how lucky they are because just fly on the river. Froze the I was saying. And i'd never in my life seen cheese without leaves. I remember running my hand on the back of a tree. Stripped off everything beautiful. I didn't think that she would have spring. I didn't think i'd have been in the stock baram. The backs of king's college in cambridge. I remember feeling sense of emptiness and hollow. Hold and dump and wet who's miserable. It was horrible. I think that you know actually precious people also of the desolation the hopelessness you feel. Terrible weather is never actually going to change several to obsessive talking about the weather because feel so hopeless in the winter sunshine makes a big difference soda. It lifts everyone's moods he can sort of feel. A vibrancy of everyone. Going up was as soon as the streets of sunshine. Yes We've talked about you'll restaurants and your food and nikki and i are both very passionate about where our food comes from food sourcing and i was wondering is that important to you as well. It's very boon for me. I don't make this into a big song down and talk about it a lot. But when i'm asked on i'm thank you for asking about this. I don't slide on any vegetables from asia africa. I'm extremely distressed. Every time there is a new food. Fat yes i agree with this coming in from off of the world. This obsession usage. Obsession the jacksonville. I tell you that. Pharma's in india are encouraged to get an use genetically modified seeds by fertilizers grow cash crops. So the foreign market as the state by middlemen then give them less money because that acros is officer shot their family stars because that entire land has been used. they're not receiving any place to grow or anything will beat of any state for the family that only income would be what they get when the middleman confidence specs that crop for export and this growing for export is killing off on us. We have huge numbers of farmers committing suicide in india and also this excessive use of water. They're growing crops. That never meant to be grown in certain areas. And i will never ever have anything that has grown in india or africa for an export market. 'cause i know the price pharma has played. There is no trickle down effect. The only person making money as the middleman and to have something on my table in my restaurant that has been dropped out of rural india to an airport wrapping them flown across the world. Then put into a refrigerated van and then finally to me. The carbon footprint shocking. So really. I thought that. I need to compromise on my menu. I have I have lean on me. She got pumpkin in it. And i use amazing amount of potatoes. I locked us or british potato. Toast everything that. I have menu on is british as much as it can organic as much as i can before the only place that we go and get because of Arbel is all the hubs and that will be sheen snap come from spain or italy. That's as far as we go. I think restaurant owners should take a hard look at them in you. Is it really necessary. Do flight on ingredients of season. You just all responsibility.

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