Winston Dibble, Reuter, Snyder discussed on CFB: Navy at Notre Dame


Up the pressure they bring five good job picking it up it will you greek pressure your man demand which meet the quarterback it's out a lot of green grass smart play by schuyler thompson nobody open down the field understanding man demand coverage and he picks up a big gain get decided to burst out in goal from a 7yard line winston dibble the full back in the back field reuter goes in motion receiver to the right side of the line there's the staff quarterback left side finds a whole briefly it is down inside about the sixyard line margaret shot shy of the five a second gold coming up no snyder drawn up at opening drive any better she went up a point to claude it's been all on the ground a lot of quarterback run game your typical kansas state offense overseeing here to start this game ten play of the drive coming up on second down and dole reuter goes in motion for the right to receivers to the ride reuter in the slot pouring goals split wide the left seconding goal from a six alex berenson the backfield moscow two types of going to change the plane he's talking to all his liming from left to right look a play clock winding doughty quickly calls for timeout first chart here that now twenty six to go in the first quarter so we will take a break here is kansas state inside the sixyard line on the first series of the game 926 to go opening quarter scoreless wildcats in oklahoma state cowboys.

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