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I'm Greg McBride and I'll tell you what to avoid coming up. Traffic and weather on the 8, Steve dresner and the WTO traffic center. In Virginia and Elle exchanger were dealing with the crater staff found three 95, the crash scene, the including response and the car that went up against the Jersey wall on the left had been moved up to lex at 5 kings street and started a cherlin, but they moved it up for some reason the bottom line is two to the right getting by with minor delays on that southbound side of three 95 quite on the bell William both directions in Virginia and we just cleared up a broken down in eastbound on 66 before the bellway on the right side traveling through open delays have basically gone away. Now in the northbound side, a naughty fight we're still getting crushed so to speak, we are jammed up thornburgh through Fredericksburg, 17 and falmouth, traffic still is backed up all the way up to acquire harbor. Once you're around garrisonville and north of aquia harbor, things he's up just a bit were slow over the alca kon, but once you clear the bridge, all cleared to the Springfield interchange. Now on this southbound side, it is slow over the aka Kwan down through dumfries once yourself that triangle traffic moves a lot better. On these southbound side of I 95, no delays currently we're finding along the JW Parkway. In the district, we're good to go both directions on the freeway. Minor volume delays southbound on D.C. two 95 were a bit slow from benning road up to Pennsylvania avenue and traffic moving nicely in both directions over on I two 95. In Maryland still dealing with the closure in Kensington university, boulevard still blocked on both directions and Newport mill road due to ongoing utility repairs. Steve dresner, WTO traffic. Thank you, Steve, and now let's go to storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore. It's a hot one out there, feeling like the triple digits with temperatures climbing into the upper 90s for your Sunday.

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