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And with that, of course, here's Mark. Yeah, I assume is the host. Stop babbling about everything else. It doesn't have all that much to do with travel. Hey, if you're going to go to Washington for the inauguration, you kind of sort of have waited too long. You probably should have had this idea like the day after the election Because airfares are going up hotel rooms, they're going up. S So if you have had a couple folks who have called me and asked if we were going to take folks to the inauguration and no, we are not. But you can go on. Do it yourself. Um, Best tip for you is try to find a hotel room in across the river in Virginia in Alexandria. Maybe Um, consider maybe flying into Baltimore. Southwest Does the Baltimore airport and you might want to even consider staying up there near the Baltimore airport might be cheaper than the Washington airport. But if you're going to do this, you probably every day you wait, You're probably going to pay. Another 30 or 40 bucks in airfare and hotel rooms on in the covert world, and I know that that's a little ways off. There's a few seven years next year really? But I guess we can kind of try to imagine what that's gonna look like, and hopefully it'll look way different than if it was next week. Hopefully because that you know that's a lot of people who gathered together. On the mall there, So you're right. It probably is gonna look different, but they are selling airline seats and they are selling hotel room. So apparently a reasonable number of people are planning on being there. You you make a very valid point, my friend. You guys sports leisure have done that. A couple of few times have you not? Yes, but not this time around. No, no, not this time around. Okay on listen, you can get tested at a lot of airports. Now, let's save that and talk about that Only talk about the fake tests here in this in the second. Segment. Delta Airlines says they have banned nearly 550 people for violating their face mask policy. Remember, they were the first to adopt the You don't wanna wear a face mask. Look, you know, we don't wanna fight with you Just get off the airplane, you know, and we'll see you when this is over, and we don't need mass anymore, you'll be welcome to fly again. And s 0 550 people on their list, United says over 400 on there is nobody else's is giving out numbers right now. But a couple of examples in this article of the past couple weeks where Flights the cruise If you're going to fly Delta, they're enforcing the place face mask and I can kind of tell you having been on Southwest a few times in the last few months. They're doing it too. So if you want to fly, there are some rules that you gotta play by in one of them is you gotta wear a face mask. It has to cover your nose and your mouth. What a novel idea. Southwest Airlines says that There was a little bit of a bump originally after Labor Day in bookings, but that has Sloane down. If anything, now there, they think they will see fewer people on planes. In fact, all the airlines are scared to death. Is that what's gonna happen? After Christmas because that traditionally is a slow time and if there is no convention travel, it's going to be tough. Los Cabos is receiving high praise for managing the pandemic. Um, it's a favorite destination. There are lots of ways now to get there from Sacramento. We get two or three carriers who are running flights down Telos, Kabul's, but Also, Cancun has been able to keep the virus away from most of their resorts and have been able to folks have been able to go down there. It's not really a travel bubble per se. But they've worked very hard at sanitation and trying to keep their destination free free of the virus and lows. Kabul's is getting some praise for keeping the numbers down. So maybe that's a place that some folks in Sacramento might look to after the first of the year. Travelers. Amtrak is touting the fact that there have been no outbreaks on trains, and nobody has been able to trace the virus them for more than one person back to any type of of Amtrak move, So they also are saying, Look, if you if you need to travel this holiday season if you have to go someplace Consider the trains. They're not booking them completely full. They're booking him to about two thirds capacity. I was on an Amtrak train for five or six hours about a week and a half ago and felt extremely comfortable. They have made some changes to the way that they are serving people in the cafe car and things of that sort. So just like we tell you with all the other stuff And that is do your homework. If there's a particular way you want things done or something that's really important to you. Make sure that that is there before you before you go. Do the make you roll. You would get to roll the windows down on the train That way you get good ventilation. No, This is why this is why Amtrak never calls you. Yes, because the last time you tried to roll the windows down, and no, that didn't know that's didn't go. Well, um Here's something Tom Royal Caribbean is seeking volunteers for mock voyages. They put up a thing on Wednesday. And on Wednesday afternoon and and by 12 30 the next day they had 10,000 people who had signed up to take Ma cruises to nowhere. Right, and and then I have to put up with the testing and Constant. No swapping or what? Just Yes. Just like the ship was out on the high seas. You never left. You got on board. You never left the dock. You get sad and all of those things asleep on board. But, yes, they're they're testing the protocols and like So s so That's what you that's what you get to do, but at least they're charging you for it. And I'm thinking Stephanie could take you down and put you on the boat in the morning and then pick you up at the end of the tapes. Well, you know me and being seasick. As long as we didn't leave the dock. I'd be okay. Huh? There you go. And that is my friend Your travel news for today. Yeah. And we are the travel guys coming up in our smarter traveler segment. We're gonna talk about fake covert 19 tests and how destinations like Hawaii are avoiding them. That's next here on the travel guys. The.

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