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Kaminski in the W. CBS traffic center thank you Tom the weather stories next sponsored by cars for kids do we get spoiled over the weekend is get a reality check now from the W. C. B. S. weather center in for crackdown here's bread with Brett yeah much cooler today compared to yesterday clouds and some sunshine high only up to forty eight partly cloudy tonight with a low down to forty for tomorrow turning out mostly cloudy with a shower or two during the afternoon or evening hi climbing up to forty eight then for Wednesday partly sunny and mild or high of fifty four for Thursday clouds and some sunshine windy and turning colder with a shower possible hi forty seven although temperature should fall into the thirties by the start of the evening commute and then Friday colder with sun and a few clouds high of thirty six back to you Brett Edwards this morning's infer crackdown of the W. C. B. S. weather center to Monday morning at eight twenty AM when you look around at all the high rises going up around Manhattan keep in mind this from The New York Times they are sitting now half empty forty eight percent of the apartment the came to the market after twenty fifteen forty eight percent of them remain unsold US Supreme Court this week we'll hear the Bridgegate appeals of Bridget Kelly and bill Baroni who were both sentenced to prison in that scheme to close down local lanes of the George Washington bridge in Fort Lee to punish the mayor for not supporting Chris Christie W. CBS news time may twenty one and the cat in the hat in nineteen eighty four are among the most checked out books in the history of the New York City public library to kill a mockingbird Charlotte's web also found in the top ten list was released by the library today the number one spot was taken by the snowy day the as reject Keats work that won the Calcot in nineteen sixty three Dale Carnegie's how to win friends and influence people in Fahrenheit four fifty one also make the top ten we're just now getting the academy award nominations and for actress in a supporting role Kathy Bates and Richard jewel Laura Dern from marriage story she was great in that Scarlett Johannson judge rabbit Florence few little women and Margot Robbie who would really.

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