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The sun and we laughed when it rained on our i've got you girl no wonder it and seems now it's all coming true i like i love spent you a i've spent a lifetime oh didn't you know now you may not remember me wgn but we radio had i'm ronnie james who miked that i say that because i i like big dana's version of a lifetime loving you that was an anderson on see a song but and every i played uh it was big time dana i play just this turned it's 82 one of those and uh he's tired of you coursing know and hit i and think miss i'm i paducah just i love it but the but production and on it then is i just thought well wrong maybe and it was the arty polystyrene rip uh except you know kamisutra i produced haven't it ernie ever freeman heard a clean arranged copy it of that so i'm still going to look for a clean copy of a lifetime loving you by vic dana because after all everybody has to have in a las quest vegas well steve that will bryant be mine welcome 888 to wgn -876 radio -5593 rally steve thank you how are in you

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