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The balance Chadwick Boseman thank you thank you thank you for the new feel welcome at twenty one bridge is coming that's right is this your first film not associated with black bands in twenty seventeen you feel any pressure not not feel completely free okay you know this is going to be doing something something different glad glad I have that you know to sample it I'm glad to to be able to step into a different genre Stalin and play are you playing a cat so highly so this is how we gonna feel about you after this watching now do you feel about comes this is a backup so what kind of crap are you I'm a cop yo yo pure at at the at the at the at the the job comes with the you know you're dealing with with situation is that where you're at you're judging things and as a judge you know sometimes you do what you do wrong it's not a lot so you're hunting down people who kill cops as right yes that's right that's never but we don't know what the NCAA and it'll show the holding in a trailer yeah he finally catches the guy in the train we all know what happens what he does that it does he understand the guy story over the whole movie I don't know if he doesn't know what happened Hey I think we we we must be telling people too much in these trailers you know is is a situation where everybody's a little dirty that's the best I want to give anything away everybody everybody has it in the job I'm not saying the job it requires them to break the law but in the midst of judging the law that's part of it that's even it's sort of biblical is a book called judges so is that's that's that's the reality of the job and I think we try to exploit in the most will we we can and you know I I I was with real cops the entire time is from pre production on you know I I trained with the LA Daily PD officer in there we were in New York don't ride alongs when let me what PD detectives how was that it was scary for me as a black man you know you get in the back of a police car you like not a good place to see you know but didn't talk to you later okay yeah there's no case and any eat their human beings that change your opinion of cops it didn't change my opinion of the people not of the the institution but at the same time it made me understand why you know why people all right away all right they are they are people trying to do the right thing and there are people that are not in in you know they were honest about that what did you have to think about doing this role was one of things because was it a propaganda really want to play cop right now everything is cool you know I had to think about it because the black Panthers like do you have to think about that we'll see that that's yeah that's a question but the in that's the reason they do it in a safe because you know when you're you have to get out of your box you have to get out of your way your ego because the data but be a love and you know compassion is everything step aside the shoes a somewhat somebody to me normally not agree with is a good day to explore that life was Seiki we we need that we need people trying to understand both sides of a thing in order to make the right decision for everybody plus black at the two is coming in twenty twenty two so they'll have you again Philip yeah again yeah never gonna let you forget what I don't know I don't know how do you feel like I see how you and your described as a trigger happy cat in the description of that I don't like to get happy cats yeah what you do the situation is in the movie that I could tell you this because it is it's in the trailer you know in his his his his father was killed and so the character has this need to to get close to the weight overall gays he's he's been trying to find who did this who is the he knows who did it he's been trying to right that wrong and you can find justice so he gets closer to evil then normal so he he does pull this trigger more right the light is not necessarily day he's he's but it's a good question because that's when you ask that question did you have to think about it you know as I read and I'm like I don't know because if he's if he's killing us for no reason in the street stop the phrase whatever then I have a problem with that was there any lingering trauma from his road if you add them back then after no is it just because usually I have to have to have it so it exists is you know what I think with this because the whole thing is sort of like that he did it didn't require either a front for me the first time we went to the to the gun range and I was like oh I'm using this gun and I had I had issues with it so through the course of it actually to help me as opposed to be having to get rid of something what about who wins it is right because I'm a conspiracy there so you got this movie coming out which is about a man hunt and cops I mean people killing cops the queen is slim comes out next week which is about to blow if you want to run for killing a cop right it how do we do that on purpose the is is is for the the here because that's that's a lot of times people do feel like Hollywood is is there's a conspiracy day sometimes it might be this is just because he is the difference we we did this right leave the Lena is spearheading her thing there's no white person behind her telling her to do today yeah understand and with this I'm a produce on his phone so it will get made if I want to give me hi we got more we chat with bows when we come back also we're asking you.

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