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This is what book you. I'm brooke shelley. And thanks for listening for our first episode of april i have debut author robbie couch whose book the sky blues is a health on the six of april. And in this conversation we get into just his reading life growing up and really what brought him to pursue fiction writing and develop the sky blues. So isn't it so robby. What cooked you the book. That really hooked me when i was a kid was. Nt maine Which is an old one it was. It was published in the nineteen fifties. So certainly an older book by patrick. Dennis and i remember being just absolutely enthralled and it was the first book that i read that i truly could put down. I was really continue to be kind of a slower reader. It usually takes me at least a few weeks to get through books to be honest and that was the first book that i just read through. I think probably in a couple of days which was like lightning speed for me and Yeah it was. It was a a big moment for me. Because i escaped into a world in a way that i really hadn't done before and it made a huge impact on on my life and really my trajectory as as a storyteller in as a writer and someone very interested in story a made a big difference. So i'm not familiar with it so tell me a little bit about the book. Totally goal yes so as mentioned it was published in nineteen fifty five by patrick dennis. In since then it's become a a stage stage. I think it was on broadway. It's been a movie so there's been a lot of different Depictions on it in different mediums And it's essentially. The basic plot is a boy who was orphaned as a young kid and his father who had been alive was a very conservative businessman. And because he's an orphan he then goes to live with his very flamboyant eccentric. Just like the most fun wild character. Auntie mame at lives in new york city and so a complete one eighty two all experiences and the life that is used to and they go on these adventures together and they kind of explore the world So off the wall. It's so much fun and in the main antagonist is the I don't know what you'd call a trustee a conservative trustee over his father's estate in he's constantly trying to get patrick back into these conservative schools. Like have a conservative upbringing and Auntie mame was just like constantly pulling them away on these adventures and this is just an absolute blast. There's nothing there's nothing explicitly queer about it but as a young queer kid in now looking back as an adult. There's just a lot of themes that i think are queer and ten generally queer could say that really drew me to the story Before i you know i was still closeted. This was way before..

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