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Markets trade. They trade pain points wherever everything hurts. The most where you can create liquid like recreate pain so right now i can see where. That's going to be trait durability your trading at new economy on like a third layer. That's where they're talking about internet three point. Now you have this new layer of people purchasing cloud services the the chain right. That's literally what people are doing if you want to build an app on a theory you need to transact enough theorem in that has significant staying power and does it certainly anchors price. But i mean we've seen in everything really can get wiped out in economies. That are three times the size of a theorem right. I mean you've seen oil prices go negative. You think your am can't go down good point. Let's be honest here so and there's way more utility oil than for its rim right now. So don't get too cocky at your three thousand eight. You're humble pie because eventually the market will make you eat. It might not be for five years but it will happen. It always happens is certainly i have is that there will be paying. There's always well. I appreciate your level head in. So i come to you for these questions but speaking of hype cycle. I know you listen to podcasts. Last week about lumber prices which are hot topic in canada. Can you tell me a little bit about that. Came in how crazy lumber prices. Though we're talking i mean it's up more than number but there's no one not being able to build their home because of this. The amount of memes. About like baggies of i mean they're hilarious. They're so funny. My my dad's group of buddies here insure park. That's always share. Is lumber means. it's so funny. I mean so i listen to this podcast Odd lots podcast and on the big. We'll call it a finance great. That is kind of my thing. And he talks to this. It talks to this futures trader who is An expert in the field and so the Called odd lots while the price of lumber source day after day and it was such an interesting insight into the business of lumber and it's cool because northwest north. America are basically. Bcl berta is the biggest lumber market in the north america. And that's where all of the united states gets their lumber from so we have all these mills we have all these producers that are in our own backyard that are causing this crazy uproar across north america..

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