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Podcast. I'm your co host Jim. The knife new person. And I'm Bob. DEMARCO the knife junkie. Welcome to the PODCAST. Welcome to the knife Junkie podcast. It's the place for knife newbies like myself and I've junkies like you to learn about knives and knife collecting here from knife. Designers makers manufacturers reviewers anyone who loves knives. That's what we do here on the weekend edition of the Knife Junkie podcast where we have an interview and we talked to someone in the knife industry and Bob this show this week and show last week are the first two shows we've had that we've actually had female interviewees interviewees find just just awesome. Yeah me too me too. It's a it's a great It's a great change at the seems to be a male dominated industry. I know all of my viewers on youtube seemed to be male. And that's great. That's all good but You know I know there are some knife junk gets out there and uh-huh we want to bring more of them into the conversation to right. Yes stace Stacey A- Jennings last week with Douglas esposito attention to detail mercantile and and but this week Marianne Halpern Three rivers manufacturing. The whole interview her so what what was your kind of thought process going into to talking talking to Marianne with three rivers. Well I gotta say I was very interested to talk to her because the knives The three rivers manufacturing knives Kinda came quietly onto the scene in quietly yet they made quite a ripple With knife critics on YouTube. Their knives are and I mean this in the best of ways their knives understated and they are high performers by understated. I mean they're not big flashy crazy designs. They're simple beautiful. You know a timeless designs and from everything I've heard from my favorite knife critics and others Online they are fantastic. Performers performance now Recently Pete from Cedric Anita Channel and Also slices dicey. Brian from sliced dicey have both alluded to the fact act that the trm the three rivers manufacturing atom which is the three and a half inch the larger bladed knife. Is there kind of desert island knife if you know they Brian from sleazy dicey went through this big process of what his he has a great video upright now what his favorite knife of twenty nineteen was and he had all these fantastic knives. I think he had twelve out on his On his reviewing Matt and he sort of just a would pick a knife folk singers praises and eliminate it and he got all the way down to the Tiara Adam and for good reason. It's thin slicing strong. Beautiful made of awesome materials does and Pete from Cedric Anita. From all of his testing. You know he does all this Bro. Science testing where he cuts ropes and slices paper and counts and he does a lot of Interesting testing he came to the conclusion that the Adam is his favorite folding knife. Recently he's been on the show to he's on but that interview is coming up next but I do want to remind you that our sponsor for today's podcast is quick books. They have an annual event called quickbooks. Connect Act at their annual conference. That took place in early November. If you were able to be there well that's great. I know I'd love to go to San Jose In the wintertime. Time here for me in the East Coast but anyway they made several announcements at quickbooks. Live which is gonNA help They've got a team of virtual actual bookkeepers..

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