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A we're supposed to be protecting the billionaire bankers come on it's it's uh it's very interesting um it's very interesting so uh anyway that's going on in the house today also hearing the house appropriations committee subcommittee um uh grilled interior secretary ryan zinke today on the trump administration's budget request for the interior department well uh republicans and democrats don't like it and he said well that for the budget balanced budget looks like well they said we don't think macho but it's thirteen percent lower than current levels slashes funding for programmes they all mike um so you don't get far with that um representative ken calvert republican of california who's the cia is upset about cuts to earthquake early notification system for example rests hello yes uh so that's the kind of thing um represent how rojas from kentucky kentucky's flabbergasted by proposal to end funding for workforce redevelopment pilot program for cold country right uh uh ghost democrats have huge problems with it well so the think says that it's a it's a selling point and um it says that uh you know that's how we're gonna stop but nevertheless um he got to pee with threats basson it does meanwhile a over uh in veteran's affairs congress next week we'll send president trump a bill making it easier for the veterans affairs secretary fire or discipline pull performing employees because this bill has now been tossed by both the point about making it harder to fire incompetent people in the va easier oh easier okay yeah is here yes other i'm sorry the sentences passed at the house is gonna paul sit next week and dumb it it will it will posthumously this does this actually have the do with like breaking up the government employees union no it doesn't it doesn't pat the unions uh it it does not it doesn't break up the union okay so this is something that the democrats are green with uh yes yeah pas ninety three to seven in all are all that's nice nice to see some in this course victoria jon talked me news thank you viktoria thank you talk mm.

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