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The f. b. I. schwartzman offensively is is walk to strikeout. Ratio has always been good in the minor leagues. I get up zucca flirting learn arm. <unk> stolen cut stealing rates thirty three percents for his career so <hes> i really talented. Did i mean i can't breath flow across the league's of two-way thread up both sides of the baseball if any catcher in the minor so <hes> <hes> definitely nice up in the big leagues in a kind of a tough year. I had a knee injury <hes> three twenty in vegas but it's skin sporadic times farsi abet so it's nice for him to be up there and does limit on the east. It's as far as the talent don on wor yeah. He's really an exciting player. I i think <hes> you know it's probably fair to say he somebody that could potentially be an everyday catcher for the space at the big league level at some point in the next few years correct yes dumber monster as far as timetable and that'll be we'll see what happens i mean i'm not in vaguely start really the other way so just a matter how he starts out we're independent race as far as long term potential our all star storks long-term really exciting yeah so i about murphy. It's almost like there's always crazy stories and you know the big leagues remember stephen vote. I mean he's a career. Three hundred hitter in the minor leagues start off cold has been star for tampa bay eggs wheat traded forum and he didn't get hit first ten at bats so he was like oh for twenty eight starters career and he's like a two time all star in a in a big time earth contributor for the as in giant so that's how you start back there were race for set the come up not scared for him to steam the ball right away like you said leases old-school junkyard step our so yes not a surprise i mean honestly i mean that bigly call up a lot of different ways but it definitely <hes> is not a free cursor start. The long-term shoulder noisy comes with that. I think quite a pedigree obviously a he was a second round. Pick of the national news involved in a very significant trade obviously to sean too little trait with the nationals gets. It's off to a little bit of a slow start after get scholar again. Another guy called up before september polyps. What have you seen from him. So far and what are your impressions. You've obviously seen him for a long time time now. 'cause i am as scattered. I'm even before the trade. Yeah i mean shelling noise. He's a tough kid. Kinda like max months for a dislike awesome stands at his body type. <hes> he's a very deceptive athlete am so quick in small spaces especially very nimble feet that hands <hes> strong on closing college intouch night bob miles an hour but now he can he can definitely really defend is a plus defender at third base. He's got about fifteen games over there. Now i can be a solid defender second base if not doc. It's not above average so sheldon came over to us. He's a career right at three hundred in the minor leagues the ball to all fields. He has power and does baseball player now. Paul blackburn comes back up. I think especially in the bay area people who policies you know he's from cod kost county his out from <hes> from brentwood out there <hes> you know he's i've been up and down a little bit and if you look at the numbers without kind of understanding what the p. c. L. is all about las vegas. The ballpark has turned into you might not go like okay. That's a great season but given the fact that las vegas is clearly playing like a hitters park and the p._c. L. is notoriously a hitter sleek. What do you think echina- season that paul blackburn put together <hes> paul. He's definitely pitch well this year. I'm not deaf p._c._l. Homerun rate up there is <hes> <hes> the numbers are pretty insane so really don't judge is either here. It is more strikeout-to-walk ratio and when you give up home runs one okay now you still could make a few more moves here in september and i know you've you've seen a lot of las vegas hate. Seuss's ardo is a guy who's he's obviously everybody gets excited about. The stuff is phenomenal. We've seen it during the spring left handed. What's <hes> you know. He's come back from injury yet. I had the a shoulder injury and he said a couple of other things. What if your impressions ben and what do you think maybe he might add. If he gets called up i mean he's he's a master. You go back to left handed starters that can though upper nineties with the dynamite scenes breaking ball will it plus command. It's twenty one years old <hes> along with sean murphy in the long term standpoint the chance to to be you know above average so lazardo. I've seen kitchen highschool tough focused. Is that a couple hiccups this year out of his control but when he gets that opportunity i mean who knows how he begins but the long-term stamp point. I'm pretty positive it up jason. <unk> has a chance to be an all star caliber. That's the major league level and same traders noisy which is really really astonishing and blake train and that was a that was a truly astonishing trade. When when everybody looks back on that one trade i mean still yeah sean doolittle still young people totally at the time especially matson what's and had did well for them to a great trade for both sides but yet really <hes> for the future really looks great for the as <hes> an interesting potential wildcard at las vegas agass. Matt harvey is there now. I think people remember him from the mets. He was an all star with the mets. You know working his way back from what was very disappointing season with the angels. Have you had a chance to see him and it could be do you think he maybe could be an option and relief. He's he's now pitching their differences interesting case. You've only had an awesome. <hes> starts as clear up the mets hit a bump in a road in anaheim but yes i saw it start in albuquerque top out at ninety five a couple of change up so so we'll see what happens new stolen in relief right now in business phil variety of roles next transition point career but as we've seen scott emerson is luck best. They did coaches out there. I think that the best out of <hes> pretty much tape.

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