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I said three times and i've every time of just enjoyed more you're right you see more in it the second round because as just a piece of filmmaking this is still of filmmaking involved in it is so treaties like watching a really the currieo griffey innate probably better than the choreography in la la land yeah we and that is the we think of it as a musical goes as a musical because that's exactly the way is hp now baby drives number three despicable may three is at number two i have evidently laughed at this more than a lotta people as i said before at the very beginning you know i loft when they came up with fog on when they were doing the elimination of the and that was it and i didn't stop giggling i think he felt the same way to new because amino you did you interviewed the the main voice artists the honest truth of as it is a film in which the funniest stuff is the bubbling many steve curling christian bail yes to rehearse jim therapy show at article incredible how we can go from ma'am think the arctic a fouryearold for his first cinema chipped to see despicable maithri this week cloudy we were disappointed the children's jokes weren't silly enough to the kids the adult human wasn't intelligent enough the fouryearold laughed once which was at the same time as all the other kids love sadly didn't make it to the end of the film no fifty minutes before the end repeatedly asked me to leave so as not to ruin the viewing for others i didn't put up much of a fight this is helped by her to didn't care about the end attired in predictable direction the sears gunning and i hope that they don't turn this into an ice age franchise.

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