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I said to him you know dominic if you keep a jari i really would be interested in publishing it and he went out to the trial he did keep a dari and of course that was dominic down and uh the pc wrote justice was one of the most incredible stories of you know it was a sensation it was a cessation of the time and when i took over as vanity fair of course he was my first cool i said dominic i want you to be very first off rider and he was and of course he helped to define the magazine he really was one of defining voices the two of them were but he also as surrey like martin amos to to right for the magazine somebody you'd known from odd yes i did i invited modern amos and i also brought in nature if it writers who them became the sort of defining names of the magazine nightingale she he beat of boyer a td allman the great foreign correspondent alex she went off the great to another great writer of foreign stories like chico mendes or diane fossey when she died in in rwanda are alex to this regrettable dory that yes and that piece that he wrote became guerrillas in the miss the movie was eddie lee bowitz photographing for the magazine when i took over on a leave of its had come from rolling stone but have for some reason i never got it up pictures weren't ready being used i mean vanity fair before i got that was always hiring people and not not using them right i very first weekend i was working to redesign the magazine in the office and i opener draw and i found this treasuretrove a photograph by annie leibovitz of committee um there was a picture of of of pa we herman in a hanging upside down uh a uniform at from a lap that was a picture of what he go book into that amazing picture will be go begging the botham milk though is picture just these amazing pictures and i fell enough of them i.

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